'the imjin' magazine Summer 2019 - Page 10

Keeping in Touch Royal Signaller playing Premier 15s rugby at Gloucester- Hartpury Anabelle Whitecross is a talented rugby player with her eye on the ball. The 23-year-old lance corporal has risen through the ranks of her adopted sport, and in just three seasons already earned her first Army cap. She has now set her sights on a place in the Scottish national team. “It’d be an honour to play for my country – that’s the ambition,” she admits during a conversation with the imjin. “I’d like to establish myself in the Army team, and eventually see if I can get recognised by Scotland. I know they’re keen to develop new players.” GO WEST There’s no doubting the soldier’s commitment to her sport. She requested a posting to Imjin Barracks just so she could train more regularly with her club, Gloucester-Hartpury. “After work I run from here to get straight into my car to Hartpury to train. And I’ll often not get back till 9, 9.30pm,” continues Whitecross. “I used to be posted to Bulford (on Salisbury Plain), so coming to Gloucestershire has completely cut my travel times down. The two-hour journey from Bulford just wasn’t working. I was travelling up to 400 miles per week.” I.T. GIRL Lance Corporal Whitecross currently serves as a member of 252 Signal Squadron, part 10 SUMMER 2019 the imjin of 22nd Signal Regiment. As a member of the I.T. service desk within Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, she is a well- known member of the Royal Signals team, regularly seen fixing computers across the Imjin Barracks site. She credits her Army discipline for her success on the rugby pitch. “They complement each other,” she explains. “It’s good being in the Army as we’re big into sport. “And what you find with rugby is that you get a certain discipline from the Army, and then you get a different aspect from playing rugby. I think it ties in very well. “In rugby you put your body on the line for someone, it’s instinctive as a soldier. You just don’t think about it, you’re part of the team.” @HQARRC Allied Rapid Reaction Corps