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NMS Hosts Virtual Chef Day

In a typical year , NMS ’ Chef Day provides an opportunity for the NMS staff to step out of the kitchen and teach students about nutrition , food preparation , kitchen safety and careers in the culinary industry . In 2021 , NMS hosted a virtual Chef Day event for students of all ages .

In a video created for Chef Day , NMS Regional Executive Chef Brad Harris said his passion for food started when he was 8 years old . Charleigh , an Alaskan fourth grader , suited up in a chef ’ s jacket , cooked with him and created their unique version of mac and cheese . To watch the video , search for NMS Food Service on YouTube or go to the link below .
Along with the video , NMS provides promotional flyers to post in schools and distribute with home meals , recipe cards with kitchen safety tips and information about culinary school options in Alaska and in the Lower 48 . The Chef Day event , whether in-person or virtual , fulfills NMS ’ commitment to nutrition and culinary career education .
https :// www . youtube . com / watch ? v = 2hegyAh0C2Y

Akima President and CEO , Bill Monet , has been named a 2022 Wash100 Award winner ! This is his third consecutive year recognized as one of the top 100 executives that will impact the Government Contractor sector in the coming year . Congratulations Bill !

Natural Resources Q & A

How many shareholders currently work in natural resources-related jobs ?
In NANA ’ s fiscal year 2021 , 855 NANA shareholders were employed in mining-related jobs , an increase of 7 % from 2020 . Of the 855 shareholders , 790 worked at Red Dog Mine and 65 were seasonal employees at the Upper Kobuk Mineral Projects ( UKMP ).
What kind of jobs are available in
natural resources ?
In addition to direct-hire jobs for Teck or Ambler Metals , UKMP and Red Dog Mine hire contractors through NANA companies . NMS , NANA Construction , DeLong Mountain Logistics , Tuuq Drilling , Kuna Engineering and Paa River Construction all have contracts at the Red Dog Mine . The types of positions vary from entry-level to technical — in construction , heavy equipment operation , mechanics , mine operation and camp operations .
What programs does NANA support to get students into science , technology , engineering or math ( STEM ) careers ?
NANA supports several programs that develop STEM careers . The Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program gives
students , from kindergarten through graduate school , opportunities to make valuable connections and learn about or develop STEM careers . GeoFORCE is a four-year program that helps rural students get interested in geosciences , by traveling around Alaska and throughout the country to learn about geology and career paths . Alaska Resource Education provides statewide Alaska-resource educational opportunities to students and teachers .
What other development opportunities are available after shareholders graduate high school or complete higher education ?
Red Dog Mine also has many programs to position shareholders for success , including trade apprenticeships and onthe-job training . Recently , Red Dog began the accelerated leadership development
program , an initiative developed by management and strategically made to challenge the deficiency of shareholders in leadership positions .
Besides offering scholarships in a mining-related program , Ambler Metals is kicking off several vocational training programs in 2022 .
Who should shareholders contact if they ’ re interested in STEM training or education opportunities ?
Shareholders can reach out to NANA ’ s natural resource department at naturalresources @ nana . com or the shareholder relations department at shareholderrelations @ nana . com if they are interested in education programs or careers in natural resources .
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