The Hunter, Volume 2022, April

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Volume 2022 , April Annual Meeting Edition
Published by NANA Regional Corporation , Inc .

Message from the President & CEO

Dear shareholders ,
NANA held our 2022 annual meeting at the end of March . We had hoped to meet in person in Ambler , but due to COVID-19 we once again had a hybrid meeting . My thanks to the people of Ambler for hosting our virtual meeting . They made everyone feel welcome , whether in person , online or on the phone . We hope we can go back to in-person meetings , beginning with travel in the region this summer and informal shareholder meetings in the fall .
At this year ’ s annual meeting , we shared NANA ’ s results from 2021 . NANA had a great year in fiscal year
( L to R ) Piquk Linda Lee , board chair , and John Aġnaaqłuk Lincoln , NANA president and CEO , preparing for the NANA 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders , virtually presented from the NANA 909 building in downtown Anchorage .
2021 ( FY21 ), not only financially but through many programs and projects to benefit shareholders . In this special issue of The Hunter , we share highlights from the meeting .
We started 2022 with several additions to our management team , including the three talented shareholders you will read about in this issue : Elizabeth Saagulik Hensley , J . D .; Sandra Salaktuna Kowalski and Lucy Aŋasuk Nelson . These new shareholder leaders join a dedicated group of professionals who work to make NANA successful in our mission to serve you .
With new financial and human capital , the management team is excited about NANA ’ s future . Working closely with the board , we have begun a strategic planning process for our company . We will continue to elevate our leadership of NANA ’ s high-performing operating companies , our stewardship of proceeds from the Red Dog Mine and our engagement and service to shareholders .
The board has already taken a major step forward by directing management to create a long-term shareholder endowment . We will start this endowment with a $ 200 million investment from NANA ’ s profits . The fund will be like Alaska ’ s Permanent Fund , invested to generate returns that will pay shareholder dividends for generations to come . I am inspired by the board ’ s vision and courage in making this bold commitment . We will share much more information with you as the management team works to realize the board ’ s vision for this fund .
The wisdom of our board and their connections to our communities serve NANA well . We are working closely with our tribes and other organizations in the region to protect our lands and subsistence resources , promote economic and infrastructure development in our region , provide a shareholder dividend and deliver a variety of shareholder services .
We are also committed to our Iñupiat Iļitqusiat . Our Elders recently spent time with the NANA board to share the importance of preserving and enhancing our language , culture and values . The board has also communicated clearly that they expect NANA to be a much more active , engaged and influential force in saving and revitalizing our Iñupiaq language .
We have worked hard to make NANA healthy again financially , and it ’ s time to invest these resources wisely to ensure every shareholder receives meaningful benefits from your ownership of NANA .
I look forward to meeting many of you as we travel throughout the region and the state later this year . I want to hear your thoughts and answer your questions .
As spring returns , I pray for good health and happiness for you and your families .
Quyanaqpak !
John Aġnaaqłuk Lincoln
PRSRT STD U . S . Postage


Anchorage , AK
Permit No . 444
P . O . Box 49 Kotzebue , AK 99752

Board Actions

The meeting was called to order at 9 a . m . on Feb . 16 , 2022 , virtually via telephone and video conference . The meeting recessed at 4:04 p . m . and reconvened at 9 a . m . on Feb . 17 , 2022 , virtually via telephone and video conference . The meeting adjourned at 3:19 p . m .
Resolution appointing corporate officers
• The board formally appointed four shareholders to vice president roles :
• Brad Kuuġnaaluk Osborne , vice president of operations
• Elizabeth Saagulik Hensley , vice president of government and external affairs
• Lucy Aŋasuk Nelson , vice president of administration
• Sandra Salaktuna Kowalski , vice president of shareholder relations
Resolution supporting the passage of Alaska House Bill ( HB ) 123 and Alaskans for Better Government Ballot Initiative — an act providing state recognition of federally-recognized tribes supporting the passage of HB 123
• The board voted to formalize its support for HB 123 and the Alaskans for better government ballot initiative providing for state recognition of federally-recognized tribes in Alaska .
Resolution acknowledging the Native Village of Ambler Tribal Council
• The board voted to acknowledge the tribal council in Ambler that Maniilaq chooses to acknowledge and voted to recognize the new council as the governing body that NANA ’ s Village Economic Investment ( VEI ) program can work with .
Resolution reaffirming the Iñupiat Iļitqusiat in NANA ’ s mission and vision
• The board voted to reaffirm the Iñupiat Iļitqusiat in NANA ’ s mission and day-to-day work and to formally integrate the Iñupiat Iļitqusiat into the purpose of the shareholder relations committee to provide for continued guidance on making it the foundation of work NANA strives to accomplish .
Resolution approving Noatak VEI funding to purchase a new grader
• The board voted to approve $ 585,469 for the Native Village of Noatak to purchase a new grader .
The next NANA board of directors meeting is April 27-28 , 2022 , in Kotzebue .
Resolution approving Noatak VEI funding for the purchase of a rock separator , new tires and shipment of the items
• The board voted to approve $ 181,317.10 for the Native Village of Noatak to purchase a rock separator , hire two mechanics and two laborers , and ship the rock separator and supplies through Lynden Air Cargo from Anchorage .
A resolution in support of the joint record of decision ( JROD ) for the Ambler Access Project and requesting consultation with the U . S Department of the Interior ( DOI )
• The board voted to support the ongoing defense of JROD by the DOI and opposes its vacatur and supports tribal consultation with the tribes located in the NANA region that are affected by the JROD .