The Hultian SUMMER 2018 edition | Page 15

hult data analytics club


he club was founded last

August 2017 by our current board member team, mainly from the recognition that data is becoming an increasingly hot topic amongst professionals of all business groups; whether it is business development, marketing, strategy, these functions are now data‐driven. On top of that, the high‐profile unicorn startups of the world are all facing a big data problem, and not everyone understand what this means.

We started the club to address both these needs. First, to upskill and equip our members with technical skills through workshops and speaker events to kickoff their data journey, along with providing them projects that they can showcase on their portfolio for job search. Second, for the non‐technical,

open up the curtain of the world of data and bring speakers like CEOs and VPs who directly face contemporary problems and how they solved them using datadriven insights.

The club recently hosted events such as our “Powered by AI” speaker series, and our Kaggle challenge project (an online data science competition). In the past, we had students with some experience share their skills with our members, and in fact, livestream the event for the Boston campus to watch as well. If you want photos, you could join our facebook group, and also get a sense of our events and interaction with club members

Some upcoming events include partnering with Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) and hosting a meetup‐style speaker

events, and planning to bring over 50 external guests to Hult. Additionally, we are kicking off a special project in partnership with a company from Brazil, Semantix, giving our members a chance to work on a project that could impact real‐world business. We also plan to work more closely with our Boston clubs, such as the Tech Club.

By: Jonathan Kurniawan