The Hultian SUMMER 2018 edition | Page 12

“Conscious Tech is any kind of tech that tries to improve the society,” explains Mike Grandinetti. Behind the allure of an exclusive trip, opportunities for a better tomorrow are at the forefront for the students.

Winners of Rosie’s Place—Angelica Ferrao (MIB), Franziska Schlemmer (MIB), Sanjit Advani (MIB), Ayelet Norkin (MBA), and Titilola Shawana (MBA)—offered solutions that are targeted towards a broader group of women—"and not just the women with those specific need,” adds Schlemmer. The first ever homeless shelter for women in the US, Rosie’s Place faces the stigma attached to people who are afraid to reach out in servicing the poor and homeless women. With first-aid kits to be distributed to students through their schools, the winning team hopes to provide awareness to people—mothers and children alike—about the advocacy of Rosie’s Place

Generating Ideas for a Change

Tech Summit in Egypt. Salma El Hariry is one of the founders and also a former Hult student. She took Professor Grandinetti’s Social Entrepreneurship program 2012 in San Francisco.

Besides the challenge to hack for a social impact, an additional prize supported the passion and effort students put into their projects: free tickets and accommodation to the world's first Conscious

Green Hope Schools winners Anna Lundberg (MIM), Anne-Cathérine Verellen (MIM), Bernardo Pennacchio (MIB), Elise Teves (MIM), Melissa Behrens (MIM), and Vidhi Vekariya (MIM) had to focus primarily on maximizing the use of the resources that Green Hope has in order to develop a self-sustainable growth strategy. Knowing that their NGO hopes to have a big school with experienced teachers and kids of all ages, Pennacchio elaborates on their idea. “The new business model for the short-, medium- and long-term includes the social and organizational embedding of the pre-primary school into its local area in Tanzania as well as the expansion of trained staff and the curriculum for the children.”

Dignity & Opportunity for Homeless Women

School & Community in Tanzania