The Hub October 2016 - Page 11

When asked, most people confess to being most grateful for family and friends but when prompted to broaden their perspective it appears Windsorites have a lot to be thankful for. Here's what some of you had say: Shelley Haggert, Co-Editor, Windsor Affordable living. People who are down to earth but not afraid to try new things. Our passion, no matter what side of an argument we’re on. Community minded companies - our corporate United Way donations historically put other cities to shame; our proximity to the US, which gives us a unique perspective on both American and Canadian issues; our ethnically and economically diverse population. Bonnie Bessette, LaSalle Opening a tap and having an unlimited supply of clean drinking water. Going to bed at night and not worrying about being blown to bits as a war casualty; enjoying a low crime rate thanks to good policing and gun control and other socio-economic factors. Access to fresh local food and produce, fantastic local chefs and great restaurants, cultural diversity, a thriving arts community. Lucky to have a university as well as a community college, our own symphony, Biblioasis, easy access to Detroit culture and arts, several museums on our side of the river, access to an international airport (Detroit Metro) for worldwide travel. We live in a very generous charitable community, giving more money per capita than many cities Cathy Smith, Tecumseh Love that we are so close to a beautiful waterfront and are able to enjoy the bounties of Essex County, especially the excellent wineries! Linda Makuch, LaSalle Ojibw