The Hub November 2016 | Page 15

S H O P F & B Walkerville 2090 Wyandotte St E H O P 519-915-8147 What is F & B Walkerville and why should our readers be excited? Food & Beverage (F&B) is a quaint, dimly lit, small plates restaurant and oyster bar featuring craft cocktails, and a well curated wine list. It’s exciting because this is a first for Windsor – having a pure, seasonal, small plates kitchen which with an emphasis on sourcing as much local as we can, while serving oysters in the half shell in at least 6 different varieties of shell. We also showcase your food with exceptionally crafted cocktails, or a selected wine served in crystal glassware, and finish the night with sensational service. Truly a unique experience in Windsor Essex. How is F & B Walkerville different from the competition? Besides offering a unique dining and drinking experience, guest service is priority one. Our family here really cares about your evening, and wants to be sure it’s exceptional. It’s also different as to how the plates are delivered – as they are finished. Your experience here is not rushed, but enjoyed, and plates are delivered in a series most times, almost as if they are courses. The combination of service and style here is how we differentiate our restaurant. Why did you choose Wyandotte Street East as the location? This is a historic building in Olde Walkerville – with lots of stories and character. With that said though, our location is basement level, and really hidden, with not much signage. We chose this location exactly for that reason – it’s like a hidden gem, and finding it for the first time is the beginning of the experience. The restaurant is small, cozy, trimmed with wood and stone, and built completely by Chef John and myself. The idea was to transport you to another culinary world simply by stepping through the front doors. Does the name have a story behind it? F&B – or Food & Beverage – is our industry, and it’s what we do. The name is simple enough to understand what you’re getting into, and allows us to explore any culinary agenda we want to (Italian, Continental, French, Seafood, Vegetarian, etc). Food & Beverage is also, quite simply, the best way to bring people together.