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In Toronto , one organization has set about mapping the road to accessibility of the city , using a smartphone application to share accessibility information . The application allows for users to mark red , yellow , or green “ pins ” on a map for not accessible , partially accessible , or accessible . Windsor has 5 pins on the map , all accessible - but I haven ’ t gotten my hands on it yet . I encourage everyone who cares about accessibility to visit www . accessnow . me and pin somewhere you ’ ve been . Did you notice if the washrooms were accessible ? Would someone with a walker make it to your table ; or would someone with a visual impairment be able to read the menu ? It ’ s hard to expect employers to be accessible and all inclusive when the issue is sometimes as simple as access to the building .
In Dwyer ’ s 15 + years in working with people with disabilities , she ’ s noticed something important , something she can ’ t say often enough .
“ What people don ’ t see , it ’ s the sense of resilience and determination . People with disabilities almost always give 110 per cent in any job setting .”
That sentiment is echoed by Wafer , and countless other testimonials across the country from companies that have worked to diversify their workforce .
McShan and the WE Are ABLE team are eager to continue reaching out to employers , to provide education and eliminate the barriers to inclusive hiring . Operating a hiring database in conjunction with seven different service providers , the WE Are ABLE project welcomes anyone to their workshops - from small business owners to the biggest businesses in the city - or anyone who is just interested in accessibility .
The WE Are ABLE project works with Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario , Coachworx , Community Living Windsor , Community Living Essex , Goodwill Industries , Insight Advantage , and the Learning Disabilities Association . Each service provider focuses on a different group of people with disabilities to better provide accommodation for their needs .
“ Our primary focus is human resources staff ,” says McShan . “ But anyone is welcome to come and learn more about inclusivity in the workforce .”

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Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario

Community Living Windsor

Community LIving Essex

Goodwill Industries

Learning Disabilities Association

Insight Advantage Coachworx

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