The Hub August 2017 - Page 5

Angelica is an edutainment specialist. She loves giraffes, chips and dip, and correcting the grammar of strangers. Angelica is addicted to all things social media and plasters her Twitter feed with photos of her dogs Frankie and Braxton, and Samwise the cat. Christina Woods is a writer and arts volunteer. She has placed or longlisted for the Rochester Writer's Contest, the Ropewalk Press Chapbook Award, and the Tucson Festival of Books Writing Competition. Kati Panasiuk is a recent graduate of the journalism program at St. Clair College. She is also an awrd-winning photographer and freelance photojournalist. Rolling out an issue of The Hub takes an entire team - writers, photographers, editors and artists. Michelle Laramie is a journalism student at St. Clair College and The Hub’s newest intern.She’ll be using her photography and writing skills for things like our Canada Matters special and additional features. Shelley Divnich Haggert reads, writes and teaches in Windsor, and has been part of the local & national magazine industry for 17 years. She has three daughters and lives with her husband, and Thor, a dog who’s afraid of thunder. Rabiul Biplob is a journalism graduate from St.Clair College and The Hub’s calendar guy! He loves travelling and would like to travel around the world. He’s happy to be working and growing with a great team. Rabiul is currently studying graphic design to add to his multitude of skills. Christian Bouchard has worked as the Marketing Director for the Integrity Amherstburg Admirals and loves Adobe Programs. Christian goes by his lifelong nickname Bird but has taken a liking to his nephews calling him "Uncle Big Bird.” Here’s the team that came together for the August 2017 issue - we're glad we got to connect with them and hope their stories and photos connect with you .