The Hub August 2017 - Page 31

Left: Click the video to see what drop-in sports at Bruce Park looks like! Tuesday night. It is now completely run by the community - something Thompson says is vital for the success of Sport 4 All. Sustainability of a program is crucial. Thompson said it’s something that hasn’t changed from the previous grant to the current funding. “We might organize and get things going but we want to eventually turn it over to be volunteer and champion-run. We saw this with volleyball. The residents wanted volleyball so we got it going on in the gym and we were able to step out of it and now the players that were coming and participating frequently are now setting up nets every week and getting things going themselves.” This is an important aspect of the program: there needs to be life after the grant so people can continue to have a place to play and continue to be involved within the community. Thompson has noticed a lot of change with the recent re-launch of the Sport 4 All program. He is most proud when people get involved when they maybe wouldn’t have had the chance, or they would have been afraid going in. “To meet people on a one on one basis in the neighbourhood and then become friends is special,” said Thompson. He added it’s great to see things develop where your friends already have the same vision as you, or they catch it and run with it. “They may be small changes but when you have a lot of small changes happening it becomes a tidal wave of change that eventually will catch on.” Thompson and the entire DWCC staff encourage all to visit one of the numerous events they have going on all summer long. “If they’re hesitant or shy to participate in sports then I would tell them the element we’re working on is making friendships within the neighbourhood,” said Thompson. “None of us are professionals, we’re just having fun and getting active. That’s the whole point of it, to get people out of isolation and build lasting relationships with people from the community. If sports can be a catalyst to get neighbours to be friends then it’s worth it.” b b3ODQW%DVHG  &KHPLFDO)UHH  /RFDOO\0DGH   IkZJ^[hWfo   $OO1DWXUDO+DQGFUDIWHG6RDS     H[Yedd[Yj_d]m_j^DWjkh[    Ed[XWj^WjWj_c[      $YDLODEOHDW   &DVD&KDYHOD   3HOLVVLHU6W:LQGVRU        $VSLUH/DVHU+DLU 6NLQ7UHDWPHQWV      &DEDQD5G:LQGVRU  b  %Hb:HOO     (OHFWULFLW\'U:LQGVRU    3LHGD7HUUH     'DOKRXVLH6W$PKHUVWEXUJ   :DJQHU2UFKDUGV     /DNHVKRUH5G 0DLGVWRQH