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What is Little Foot Foods and why should our readers be excited ?
Little Foot Foods is a comfort food producer at heart . We put our spin on some eastern European dishes , primarily pierogi and cabbage rolls . We also make stuffed peppers , cheddar n ' chive biscuits , and cookies and other baked goods . For the last three years we have grown our business through delivering to hundreds of households in Windsor and its surrounding areas , set up tents at local events and farmers markets and partnered with some other great local businesses to help distribute our products . We look forward to offering this on a consistent basis by opening a storefront .
How is Little Foot Foods different from the competition ?
We ' ve created over 40 flavours of pierogi so far and always have more in the works . We have the standards you ' d expect : Classic Cheddar , Cheddar Onion , Bacon Cheddar Onion . We have ones you didn ' t know existed : Spinach Feta Ricotta , The Enchilada . Dessert anyone ? The Apple Pie-rogi or the S ' more-rogi will scratch that itch . We even do vegan : Balsamic Mushroom and Onion , Sweet Russet and Leek . It all comes back to the idea that pierogi can be a diverse and forgiving platform to have fun with ! There is no point in cutting corners or skimping on ingredients . Providing excellent food and

Little Foot Foods

1404 Tecumseh Rd . E . @ Moy Ave . facebook . com / littlefootfoods 226 246-2382

service to our customers is our number one priority .
Over the years we ' ve teamed up with other local businesses to bring you some truly one-of-a-kind flavours . Robbie ' s Gourmet Sausage Co provides the delicious sausage used in our Canadian Maple Bacon , Holiday Stuffing , and Breakfast Burrito Pierogi . We source mushrooms from The Mushroom Hub , oils and vinegars from Dressed by an Olive and sauerkraut from The Holistic Guy . We have recently teamed up with Lee and Maria ' s in Kingsville to acquire our produce as well .
We have invested heavily in our business infrastructure to ensure we will have the products our customers are looking for when they want it .
Does the name have a story behind it ?
The idea of leaving a small carbon footprint in the world is important to us and has been a driving factor in our decision-making process through the years . Although it ' s difficult to achieve real economies of scale as a small business , we try to be environmentally conscious in all of our processes . We look forward to growing and being able to make a bigger impact and smaller footprint overall as we grow . It also doesn ' t hurt sharing the name with a little , adorable brontosauraus !