The Hub August 2017 - Page 13

Rampage Sports Fishing Charters, run out of the Lighthouse Marina at Lighthouse Cove. This quaint little marina town is surrounded by canals feeding into Lake St. Clair and feels like a vacation spot hidden on the outskirts of the big city. The VanDeWauers have been running guide boats since 1978 and began Rampage in 2005. They encourage starting with a charter because it takes years of knowledge and time to become skilled at angling. "We teach techniques and make sure everyone enjoys the day out on the lake," says VanDeWauer. "The best part is the customer’s excitement of hooking a muskie. The smile on their face makes my day. It's priceless. We want everyone to come out and enjoy an awesome day." VanDerWauer encourages first timers to not be hesitant. The Rampage team is a wealth of knowledge to learn from while enjoying a day out on the lake. Another option to become an expert is to join a local fishing chapter to learn from professionals. Moynahan is a member of the Belle River chapter of Muskies Canada where the membership is $50 per year and includes free seminars for trolling and casting every year, and discussion sessions in the off-season led by professionals. The Belle River chapter has a public Facebook page, as well as a private group for members where they talk about biting locations, techniques and other secret tips. If you’re not interestd in joining the club, the casual fisherperson can also just get a licence, some gear and find a spot along the 1600 square kilometers of watershed feeding into Lake St. Clair, Lake Erie and the Detroit River. There are many opportunities to just pack up a picnic, grab a rod and some minnows and enjoy a relaxing day. There are many hot spots where fish are abundant but can be kept close to the vest among anglers. Join a group or get out and begin exploring yourself; you can catch the next world record fish, some dinner or at the very least have a wonderful day along one of the many shorelines Windsor-Essex County has to offer. Above: Ken posing with a record setting giant muskie caught in 2005 from Lake St. Clair (photo credit Ken Moynahan) Below: Deb VanDeWauwer owner/operator of Rampage Sports Fishing Charters Fish Finder Lake Erie Western Basin Walleye, small mouth bass, largemouth bass, white bass yellow perch, carp, salmon, trout, pickerel St. Clair River muskie, walleye, small mouth bass, largemouth bass, yellow perch, northern pike, sturgeon Lake St.Clair muskie, walleye, small mouth bass, largemouth bass, yellow perch, northern pike, crappie, pickerel Detroit River muskie, walleye, white bass, yellow perch, pickerel