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We have gummy as one of our products . The product is considered as food rather than a supplement , even though it is a vitamin . We believe this is one of the segments we can expand further to capture some of the halal markets in Malaysia .”
– Prof Dr Azizi Ayob
Welcoming XORIX Sdn Bhd to Jardin Pharma group of companies .
In that aspect , the team decided that we should come up with various products that could be developed within three to six months .
“ Of course , the share is not that significant . But , since many people still do not know about Jardin Pharma ’ s existence , we need to penetrate the market by showing our capability to produce products .
“ That ’ s why we agreed after six months of the company ’ s establishment to come up with the vitamin gummy ,” shared Dr Azizi , highlighting that the company had to put something in the market to establish its brand .
Challenges in the halal pharmaceutical industry
He emphasised that making Jardin Pharma visible in the industry was the company ’ s first business strategy . At the same time , he shared , the company was still interested in other products and segments .
Touching on the challenges , Dr Azizi said the industry must have more trained personnel who understand the halal manual .
“ When it comes to the halal manual , it must be in line with the product development requirements . So , you need to understand the requirements for you to comply .
For example , from the research and development ( R & D ) perspective , if you don ’ t have the materials that can comply with halal , the product will not be considered halal at the end of the day .
“ The certifying body like JAKIM and others also need to understand that when we talk about halal , we can apply it to what extent . So , it comes from the industry and the regulators .”
Another challenge in the halal pharmaceutical industry , he said , was acquiring the raw materials required to produce advanced pharmaceutical products . — The Health

Stock market listing plans

JARDIN Pharma Berhad plans to list its shares on Bursa Malaysia in 2026 .
Its co-founder and business advisor Prof Dr Azizi Ayob said the company was actively expanding with various potential subsidiaries .
“ That ’ s why we have to devise a strategy and expand the business in different ways . Later , we will merge and eventually focus on the pre-initial public offering ( IPO ) stages until we are ready to be listed , probably in three to four years .”
Penetrating the global market
Dr Azizi pointed out that a brand ’ s visibility could come from different angles . He also shared that Jardin Pharma was invited to visit some potential international partners in the last few months .
“ We look forward to partners and collaborators that can help make our brand well-presented and market our products . For us to penetrate different countries , we must have high-quality products .
“ Based on my experience as a technical advisor for PT Dexa Medica in Indonesia , I was asked by the company to look into different practices in the Southeast Asian region , including Manila , Thailand , Laos , Cambodia , etc . From that , I found certain areas we could penetrate further .
However , some local country requirements can limit the penetration of a company to certain countries .”
Strengthening its marketing and trading platform
He revealed that in the past few months , Jardin Pharma ’ s marketing team had done various things to understand the market in different sectors . The company is also open to collaboration and partnership opportunities that align with the company ’ s focus , said Dr Azizi .
Strengthening Jardin pharma ’ s subsidiaries
When asked how Jardin Pharma differentiates itself from competitors , Dr Azizi said : “ We focus more on various developments across the group .”
He explained that the company focused on strengthening its marketing and trading platform . The team established online and offline marketing to ensure Jardin Pharma can capture online and offline markets .
“ This is not the typical practice for the pharmaceutical industry in Malaysia because most of the pharmaceutical companies in this country rely on government tenders . If the companies are members of the Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industries ( MOPI ), they ’ re the producers and manufacturers mainly for government tenders .
“ Of course , this is required . At the same time , they also produce pharmaceutical products for overseas markets .
“ So , in this aspect , we have both . We will mainly use our subsidiary , XORIX Sdn Bhd , to produce generic products . At the same time , we will not only focus on that segment .
“ We are going to use our existing company for cosmetic products , food supplements , functional food , etc . We understand these segments are open even though the markets are highly competitive ,” he said .
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