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The virtual mirror function is a new technology , which is based on augmented reality ( AR ) technology . It allows consumers to try products on their accurate virtual model .”
individual other than authorised eye care practitioner is totally prohibited .
“ So , to buy safe beauty contact lens , you must visit an optical store and consult an authorised eye care practitioner , who is responsible to guide you on contact lens wear and care routine , to properly examine your eyes and also to ensure that you are supplied with a safe and authentic product .”
She explained that online purchasing of contact lenses are strictly for replenishing purposes and should only be from an authorised eye care practitioner online store .
“ For first timers , you must consult with an eye care practitioner first and undergo the required eye examinations . And even for a long-time user , after care and regular checks are important to avoid the eyes from developing side effects of wearing contact lenses .”
At MOG , Suyidatina shared that they do not just sell contact lenses and glasses , but also provide a comprehensive preliminary eye examination .
“ We are equipped with state-of-the art equipment for eye examination , and we are able to help monitor our customers ’ eye health progress .”
As for beauty and colour lenses , she shared that the Johnson and Johnson Acuvue provides the virtual mirror technology which allows customers to try on lenses without physically putting them on .
“ The virtual mirror function is a new technology , which is based on augmented reality ( AR ) technology . It allows consumers to try products on their accurate virtual model .
“ Sometimes , the colour lens may be different when we try it because it depends on our natural eye colour . With a virtual mirror function , customers can check if the colour lens integrates well with their natural eye colour .”
She added that this feature is highly
Slit Lamp & fundus camera equipment in MOG for eye health examination .
beneficial because it avoids the risk of getting eye infection and also convenient during the pandemic if customers don ’ t want to visit optical stores to try out the lenses . — The Health

Aiming for the best customer experience

METRO Optical Group ( MOG ) is constantly upgrading its stores with advanced technology and also developing its professional talent and expertise .
Its CEO Datin Bernice Low ( pix ) said this is part of its vision and mission to provide exceptional eye care services , product , and customer experience .
“ Our customer experience journey follows health and safety practices . We always guide and advise them to make the right choices .”
With regards to the pandemic , she said : “ There has been a decrease in the footfall into the stores during the pandemic due to the lockdowns . But we are still positive and have been preparing ourselves to serve and support our customers when the restrictions are lifted and more businesses open .”
“ We follow the standard operating procedures ( SOPs ) strictly for the safety of our staff and customers as well . All eye wear and equipment are sanitised after every use to avoid infection transmission .”
MOG was established in 1996 with its first retail optical store at Nilai , Negeri Sembilan and has since expanded its business mainly through establishing retail stores with different brands that serve different optical product needs of customers .
“ We now have over 80 stores , which include 30 self-owned stores , seven franchises and jointventure business ,” she said .
MOG , whose Chairman is Dato ’ Frankie Ng , has been in the optical industry for more than 20 years . It also controls MOG Holdings Limited , which was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange last year .
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