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seem to care for the lenses using the wrong method and solution .
“ Also , monthly lenses tend to have lipid deposits or protein deposits on the surface of the lens . So that ’ s why most people claim that they are not able to wear the monthly lenses for up to a month . It means by the third or fourth week , the comfort is no longer there .
“ The more the deposits , the more it will reduce the oxygen supply to the cornea , which leads to eye damage .”
Implications of wearing unsafe contact lenses
“ The most common implication of wearing an unsafe contact lens is conjunctivitis , also known as pink eye . It means there is inflammation on the transparent membrane of the eye .
“ Patients may experience increased mucus , itchiness and eye swelling . In some cases , conjunctivitis can also be contagious .”
Another common effect is eye infection .
“ When people with dry eyes wear contact lenses or wear ill-fitted contact lenses , it will cause corneal abrasion , which are superficial scratches on the cornea , which will lead to eye infection .”
Eye infection , explained Min Er , will cause cornea ulcer . Patients will experience excessive tearing , sensitivity to light , blurry vision , or a burning sensation on the eye .
“ Cornea ulcer can lead to blindness and patients may need to undergo a cornea transplant .”
She said cornea vascularisation was another result of wearing unsafe contact lenses .
“ It means that the blood vessel in the eye swells and grows into the cornea due to a lack of oxygen . If this is not treated , it will cause tissue scarring and persistent inflammation , which will significantly affect the vision prognosis and the quality of life .
“ This is why it is important to approach a registered optometrist to perform a proper eye test and determine your suitability to wear contact lenses .
“ If you are suitable , we will do a trial fitting session with contact lenses of trusted brands and help you decide on the most suitable lenses .”
Paris Miki well established
Paris Miki is recognised as an ACUVUE eye health centre . Its services include a comprehensive eye examination , refraction , contact lens fitting , eye health evaluation and cleaning and maintenance service .
“ We are equipped with the basic instruments for eye examination and screening . We have an autorefractor ,
a phoropter , trial frame and trial lens , retinoscope and slit lamp .
“ We also have the non-contact air-puff tonometer , which is used to check the IOP and can detect early glaucoma .”
First established in Japan in the 1930s , Paris Miki has been operating for about 91 years or almost a century .
“ The company is named after its first overseas outlet location , Paris , and its founder , Miki .”
“ Optique Paris Miki Malaysia was established in Malaysia in 1989 and we now have seven outlets here .
“ Paris Miki upholds its corporate ideology of ‘ PRIME ’, the most trustful relationship with our customers . Their
Non-contact air puff tonometer used to check the intraocular pressure ( IOP ) of the eye .
future is always our priority mission .
“ I believe this is why Paris Miki can survive for such a long period of time and compete with others . And due to this principle , it also able to actually extend its network all over the world .”
Paris Miki specialises in a wide range of exclusive high-quality products from Japan , including frames and the latest technology contact lenses .
“ We keep up with the constant change in eyewear technology as well as eye health related issues , by attending seminars and courses before the pandemic , with zoom webinars now , to provide better customer service . — The Health
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