The HEALTH : October 2018

06 | MONTH OF OCTOBER, 2018 RM5.00 | PP19292/03/2018 (034850 WONDER WOMEN: Degenerative disc disease When backaches become unbearable p20 THE HEALTH PULSE OF THE NATION Xtra IVF: 40 years and counting Journey and development of in vitro fertilisation techniques in Malaysia ISSUE: HYGIENE Foodborne illness Not just limited to bacterial viruses and parasites but toxins too p08-09 ELECTRIC CHILDREN Childhood asthma Cigarette smoke outside the house an attributing factor p16 MALAYSIA DAY EXCLUSIVE Paediatric laparoscopic surgery IRON MEN Testicular cancer When one or both sides are affected p18 Dr Nada Sudhakaran aims to make keyhole surgery accessible for all children in public hospitals FULL STORY ON PAGE 26-27 THE GUAR DIANS Tinnitus The bothersome perception of noise p22