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Supply chains will become more local in the pharmaceutical industry

Drug supply chains may become less global as a result of the pandemic , according to the chief executive of a pharmaceutical manufacturer .
Martin Meeson , CEO of Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies , told CNBC ’ s “ Squawk Box Europe ” that drug companies were working to make sure people had access to medicine .
“ I think there might be a slightly more local focus as we move forward , maybe just a little bit of a lengthening of some those supply chains , but I think that the whole of the sector has worked really well to make sure that those medicines are continuing to flow to the people and the patients that need them ,” Meeson said recently .
At the start of the pandemic some experts warned of a temporary drug shortage in the United States ( US ).
Drug supply chains are often global , with China being the largest supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients around the world . Meanwhile , India provides around 40 per cent to 50 per cent of all generic drugs in the US , according to B & K Securities analyst Rohit Bhat .
Meeson emphasized the need for collaboration between parties involved in the production of drugs , such as universities “ doing the discovery work ” and manufacturers who can produce medicine at scale .
“ We ’ ve got to keep working on this as we go forward as it ’ s very hard when you ’ re not … in a pandemic , to think about ( being in ) one ,”

Healthcare professionals top credibility score in APAC

Premier global nutrition company , Herbalife Nutrition , has released the second part of its Asia Pacific Nutrition Myths Survey 2020 , revealing that healthcare professionals are the most trusted source of nutrition information providers amidst consumers who rely on such advice to achieve desired health outcomes . The survey was conducted with 5,500 consumers and 250 healthcare professionals ( HCPs ) from Australia , Hong Kong , Indonesia , Japan , Korea , Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore , Taiwan , Thailand and Vietnam in March 2020 .
Talking about this initiative , Dr Kent Bradley , - Chief Health and Nutrition Officer , Herbalife Nutrition said , “ We strongly believe in collaborating with nutrition experts on nutrition education for the public via platforms like the Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific Wellness Tour , sharing and exchanging science-backed nutritional knowledge through industry forums and talks , and supporting other nutrition-related he said . “ I know that many of the countries are making sure that they ’ ve got their own … local manufacturing and technical capabilities online ; we ’ re working very closely with the governments across the world to be in a position to support that as we go forward .”
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies is working with developer Novavax to manufacture a Covid-19 vaccine . In August , the United Kingdom ( UK ) government signed a deal with Novavax to buy 60 million doses of the potential vaccine , known as NVX-CoV2373 , which is currently undergoing clinical trials .
The US government agreed to pay Novavax $ 1.6 billion to develop and manufacture the vaccine in July , as part of its Operation Warp Speed initiative .
The Fujifilm business is best known for film and photography products but has diversified in recent years . In 2019 , it made almost $ 5 billion in revenue from its healthcare business , equating to 22 per cent of the wider group ’ s turnover , Meeson said .
initiatives in the community . By way of this survey , we were able to identify the prevalent nutrition myths in the region , which are useful insights for HCPs when it comes to providing better nutrition advice to their patients .”
The survey also identifies an immense gap in needs with 65 per cent consumers interested in receiving nutrition information from their healthcare professionals and only 31 per cent of consumers receiving the advice . In addition , only 32 per cent consumers proactively ask for nutrition advice from their HCPs .
The main reasons these consumers shy away from seeking nutrition advice from a healthcare professional are the lack of time and lack of familiarity in asking for nutrition advice as , it ’ s not deemed a common practice . But there is a consensus by a vast majority of these consumers , on the need for proactive engagement from their HCPs in sharing nutritional advice with them .


Diabetes drug recalled
Indian pharmaceutical company Marksans Pharma Limited recalled metformin hydrochloride extendedrelease tablets because their levels of NDMA , a “ probable human carcinogen ,” were higher than the acceptable daily intake limit of 96 nanograms per day , according to a recall published recently by the US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ).
Metformin tablets are used to treat type 2 diabetes and are designed to lower glucose levels .
The recall applies to metformin tablets between 500 mg and 750 mg , sold under the brand name Time-Cap Labs , Inc .
The recall expands an earlier recall of the same product from this summer . But it ’ s just one of several metformin products that have been found to contain NDMA in the last year . Seven other pharmaceutical companies have issued recalls for metformin hydrochloride extended-release tablets due to their carcinogenic contents . – CNN
Premium stem cell treatment in Phuket
Thanyapura Sports and Health Resort , Phuket has partnered with StemCells21 ( SC21 ), a medical biotech company based in Bangkok , Thailand . With over a decade of clinical history and 100 years of collective team experience , SC21 combines 21st-century cellular medicine and cutting-edge supportive therapies to offer the highest quality stem cell treatments with Mesenchymal Stem Cells ( MSCs ) and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells ( iPSCs ).
A first of its kind for Phuket , Thanyapura in partnership with SC21 , will offer premium stem cell treatments for various degenerative diseases , immune disorders , injuries and anti-ageing . The treatments can also tackle a host of medical problems such as type 2 diabetes , osteoarthritis , chronic back pain and inflammatory lung diseases such as asthma and bronchitis , as well as strengthen body immunity and improve fertility .
In the sporting world , regenerative medicine is seen as a crucial component and can aid in optimising the human body to perform at a higher level , as well as being highly effective in the treatment of sports injuries through faster healing , reduced injury inflammation and the regeneration of injured tissue .
The most advanced AI platform for brain diseases
QYNAPSE SAS , a French medical technology company announced on Oct 13 the acquisition of the Canadian company TRUE POSITIVE MEDICAL DEVICES Inc ( TPMD ), a spin-off from the universities of McGill and Laval . The objective of this strategic collaboration is to combine TPMD ’ s technologies , patents and expertise with Qynapse ’ s know-how and product line – and thus form the most advanced artificial intelligence ( AI ) platform in the field of imaging of brain diseases such as Alzheimer ’ s , Parkinson ’ s and multiple sclerosis .
Over the past fifteen years , the founders of TPMD , Prof . Louis Collins ( McGill University , Montreal , Canada ) and Prof . Simon Duchesne ( Université Laval , Quebec City , Canada ) have established one of the most impressive scientific and technological asset bases in brain imaging and AI applied to this field , supported by more than 500 publications and scientific communications .
These technologies are already being used in Canada by leading research consortia and private international players in studies specifically related to neurodegeneration , such as Alzheimer ’ s disease .

Online sexual health platform providing home-based screening kits

Ferne Health , a women-focused online sexual health platform , was officially launched recently . It is Singapore ’ s first online platform offering homebased self-test kits that screen for cervical cancer and common sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ).
Ferne Health ’ s sampling tools are HSA-registered and CE-approved , with both sampling tools and testing protocols being clinically-approved . Discreetly delivering the test solutions to your doorstep , the entire screening process can be completed at home , without needing a drop-off at the clinic .
Sexually transmitted infections , or STIs , are starting to become more and more prominent in Singapore . “ Talking about sexual health can be a taboo and there is limited education on how to best care for sexual health ,” said Xi Liu , Co-founder of Ferne Health .
“ We started Ferne Health to empower people to take charge of their sexual health by delivering convenient , easy to use , and effective sexual healthcare solutions .”
“ We are kickstarting a revolution for sexual healthcare with our home-testing kits and knowledge hub . We consider it critical for everyone to learn more about safe sex practices .
“ Our self-testing kits are a perfect solution to ensure we are all routinely taking care of our sexual health . Ferne Health is on a mission to challenge existing cultural norms across the region and transform how people view sexual health ,” said Liu .
“ STIs can result in anything from a mild inconvenience to very serious conditions including infertility and even some cancers ,” Vivek Manoharan , co-founder and chief scientific officer for Ferne Health said .