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( Left to right ) Soh Jin Yiat , Group Deputy GM , Oversea Enterprise Bhd ; Kenny Tan , Head of AntChain International Business ; Datuk Ng Wan Peng , Chief Operating Officer , Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation ( MDEC ); Steve Tan , Executive Director of XOX Berhad ; and Ng Kok Heng , Group CEO of XOX .

XOX partners Antchain to enhance food traceability and safety for Oversea Enterprise

XOX Berhad ( XOX ), a mobile virtual network operator , announced that local leading Chinese restaurant group Oversea Enterprise Berhad ( Oversea ) has adopted TraX , which is powered by AntChain Traceability-as-a-Service ( TaaS ) to further enhance food traceability and safety .
Oversea is the first local SME adopting AntChain TaaS in Southeast Asia . AntChain TaaS is a blockchain-based traceability solution combined with Internet of Things ( IoT ) technologies to enable trust , increase efficiency and provide end-to-end transparency on information along the supply chain .
Powered by AntChain TaaS , TraX is a web and mobile application platform developed by XOX to provide scalable , agile and costeffective solutions for SMEs and enterprises to achieve greater product traceability and information transparency on a supply chain , thus preventing fraud and protecting product authentication .
Soh Jin Yiat , Group Deputy GM of Oversea said : “ As a player in the F & B industry , food safety is the topmost priority for us . “ The adoption of blockchain technology such as AntChain TaaS is part of our commitment to consumers and our continuous efforts in enhancing information traceability and transparency on our supply chain .”
“ We are delighted to partner with AntChain for this exciting venture and believe that blockchain technology is key to accelerate digital transformation for enterprises and SMEs , with which , brands can gain consumer trust by adopting a transparent way of doing business as well as by creating a better consumer experience ”, said Ng Kok Heng , CEO of XOX .
“ Following the roll out of TraX in the food industry , we plan to develop more customized solutions on the Trax platform for businesses of different sizes and for the pharmaceutical sector .”
“ Trust is the foundation of what we do , and we believe in building trust through innovation and technology ,” said Kenny Tan , Head of AntChain International Business .
He said since the launch of AntChain in 2015 , it had pioneered over 50 blockchain commercial applications and scenarios . Together with local partners such as XOX , it looks forward to bringing these blockchain innovations to Southeast Asia to accelerate the digital transformation of SMEs and enterprises in a data-driven world . — The Health

Get fit with Coway Run 2020 for a good cause !

COWAY Malaysia is organising a month-long Coway Run 2020 : Change the Game in November .
Poised to be one of the most exciting virtual runs this year , participants from across the country will be able to join anywhere and anytime from 1 to 29 November .
Any Malaysian citizen or resident in the country ( aged 16 and above ) can participate in the non-timed 40km run , which involves a ‘ level-up ’ gaming experience where runners can collect achievement badges when they complete significant milestones throughout the stipulated run period − Level 1 ( first 3km ), Level 2 ( 10km ), Level 3 ( 20km ) and Level 4 ( 40km ).
Participants are also required to sync their running or fitness app to their VRace by Sportheroes account , a purpose-built e-platform which allows participants to record the distance covered within the virtual run .
The Coway Run 2020 is also tied to a notable charitable cause − RM10 from each ticket purchased will be channelled to Coway ’ s Happy Water Project , which funds initiatives to provide clean water and promote good hygiene practices amongst Orang Asli communities nationwide .
To join the run , register online ( before 29 November 2020 ) at www . eventbrite . sg / e / coway-run-2020-change-the-game-virtualrun-tickets or for more information , visit : www . cowayrun . com . my — The Health
InterVenn – Agilent Technologies collaboration on clinical glycoproteomic analysis
InterVenn , a San Francisco-based biotechnology company innovating precision medicine and diagnostic products using next-generation mass spectrometry coupled to a proprietary artificial Intelligence / machine learning-based data processing engine , has announced a collaboration with Agilent Technologies , a leading provider of bio-analytical and scientific instrumentation .
This strategic partnership gathers the strength of both parties to develop cutting edge precision diagnostic tools by investigating targeted glycoproteomic biomarkers for diseases such as cancer .
The focus of this collaboration will be on diseases common in Southeast Asia , and the premises for this development work will be at InterVenn Malaysia ’ s laboratory located at Technology Park Malaysia ( TPM ) in Kuala Lumpur . Their decision to conduct their clinical study in TPM is testament to the park ’ s comprehensive soft and hard infrastructure that supports scientific research works .
“ We are very pleased to welcome Agilent as a strategic partner to our research and development effort . This partnership goes a long way toward realizing InterVenn ’ s long-held vision to establish a Center of Excellence of Glycoproteomics for Southeast Asia at its premises in Kuala Lumpur that will not only allow InterVenn to accelerate its collaborative work with leading academics in Malaysia and the region , but will also serve as a training and demonstration center for aspiring scientists and start-up companies in Southeast Asia .” said Aldo Carascoso , CEO of InterVenn .
According to Robin Philp , Agilent ’ s Academia and Collaborations Manager , “ Agilent is very excited to become a strategic partner with InterVenn in the establishment of a Centre of Excellence of Glycoproteomics .
The opportunity to engage in the area of clinical measurement and especially for diseases such as cancer is of great importance and of societal benefit .
The forward looking vision to extend the collaboration with academic institutions is also one that is shared by Agilent in its capacity to work with seats of learning and education . We wholeheartedly embraces this opportunity and looks forward to a successful outcome ” he added .
DoctorOnCall reinstates Covid-19 virtual health advisory
To address the growing number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia , particularly in Sabah , DoctorOnCall has updated services on its platform .
For patients in Sabah , DoctorOnCall has commenced again its Covid-19 virtual health advisory portal . This medium , was first initiated by the Ministry of Health ( MoH ) in February 2020 and is the first of its kind , was established together with a government in the region .
As the people in Sabah battle the escalation of Covid-19 , they can access this portal for free from anywhere , seven days a week via www . doctoroncall . com . my / coronavirus .
Here , patients will be able to search for verified and credible written articles about the disease ; take a selfassessment test to understand their risks , and should they wish to clarify their symptoms , speak to resident doctors via chat , phone or video call . This free virtual health advisory platform allows a doctor to understand callers ’ concerns about Covid-19 or any other illnesses , assess any symptoms , and advice on the necessary steps to be taken .
Maran Virumandi , Founder and CEO of DoctorOnCall said , “ In addition , we are also pleased to announce Telehealth Consultation services with specialists as well as health screening packages , from our partner providers ; Thomson Hospital ; TMC Fertility Centre and Columbia Asia Hospitals .
“ For the first time , patients can chat , phone or video call from anywhere in Malaysia on their mobile devices or desktop computers and speak to these private specialists . This is in addition to the current services provided where patients using the platform are able to connect to General Practice ( GP ) doctors for a fee ,” he said . — The Health