The HEALTH : November 2018

HIGHLIGHTS: IRON MEN: ISSUE: (HEART): Epididymitis: Pain at the back of the testicle p22 Pericarditis: An infl ammation of the membrane covering the heart p12 Public health experts converge at congress for cancer care p14 – 15 07 | MONTH OF NOVEMBER, 2018 RM5.00 | PP19292/03/2018 (034850 PULSE OF THE NATION ISSUE (CANCER): Early indicators of breast cancer The most common presentation for breast cancer is a lump. Nevertheless, they can present with other symptoms p09 EXCLUSIVE: An encounter with HRH Princess Dina Mired First Arab to be elected president of UICC, the princess speaks of her journey as a mother to a cancer survivor and her role as a global advocate for cancer control FITNESS: Working out as a couple Sarah Ariffin speaks of what got her motivated and how she works out with her husband p28 FULL STORY ON PAGE 30-31