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The Health | may, 2019 02 Editor's Note The Team Staying healthy by getting help EL Law Executive Director Kay Mathy Publisher Law Beng Chee CEO/Editor-in-chief Editorial Department Norman hussaini Editor Reenassri Sekaran Writer F irst and foremost, have a blessed Ramadan to all my fellow Muslims. We continue on to do good for ourselves and for others as we fight our urges and restraint our hunger. As we continue to pursue better health, we often find ways to improve our lifestyle choices, dietary habits, and exercising regime – among other things. Yet we seldom put the wellbeing of our minds into account. More and more Malaysians are faced with mental health issues at a varying degree of severity over the years. Most recent statistics have shown that individuals who are experiencing some level of mental health issues can be as young as 16 years old. As these individuals struggle with pressure from parents, pres- sure at work, anxiety, and depression, we as society continue to weigh them down with stigma and ignorance. Coupled with the lack of support they get from their employers, insurance providers, and other authoritative bodies – and you’ll get a nation riddled with mental health problems. Let’s cut to the chase and start treating our peers, employees, and CHRISTINE ZOE STA MARIA Writer a.azam Creative Director CHONG Suke Han Senior Designer Sales and Marketing Department Berdee chai Brand Manager 04 V.Gunasagaram Marketing Advisor 05 Robert Kok Business Advisors Weina Chen Sahana Media Consultants 06 Malaysian cancer challenges in line with global trends Cancer incidence and related healthcare costs continue grow • MenCare, a project to get men more involved with breast cancer NADI holds its 11th Diabetes Complications Conference 2019 • Getting the right balance • Rentokil partners with MOH and AIB Step up the war against superbugs Results from local survey underscores plight of fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR) • Different but not less 15 Prof Dr Amer Siddiq breaks down mental health issues which can take a nosedive for the worse if left untreated • The harsh realities of mental illness • What is depression? 16 Help is just a phone call away 17 18 IT & Website Support 08-09 Research and education is the centre of what we do 20 Ariel Chew Publishing Permit No: PP19292/03/2018 (034850) Published by: Revon Media Sdn Bhd Revongen Corporation Centre, No. 12A, Jalan TP 5, Taman Perindustrian UEP, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor DE Malaysia. 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Smart Partnership HCTM UKM strives to become the centre of excellence in healthcare through recent and future development • Converting into a Technopolis 10-11 The support we need in mental health Insurance coverage are seldom thought about when it comes to mental health issues • The support we can actually get now 12 Employers’ responsibility in mental health The Ministry of Health implores employers to take on responsibility for their employee’s mental health and wellbeing 13 Malaysian state of mental health The MMHA is optimistic about the future of mental health management in Malaysia 14 Training to rejoin society The Mental Health Foundation provides a safe space for the mentally unwell to reenter society through therapy and cooking The manageable can turn to severe 19 21 22 23 The befrienders strives to become a safe place for ones struggling with mental health issues • Want to be a Befrienders volunteer? Mental Wellness takes centre stage in Malaysia Malaysia’s first experiential conference for mental health MHEC2019 is set to nurture mental aware- ness advocates is the workplace My father could not recognise me! Better cancer treatment through precision medicine By studying our genes, we can have a more personlised and effective treatment for various diseases O&G services for our young ones Given the problems our younger female individuals might face, there is definitely a need for an obstetrics and gynaecology services catering to them specifically Breast cancer in men Yes, men can actually get breast cancer. Dr Mastura Md Yusof explains the causes and chances of the cancer developing in men • Determinants of cancer development Cancer didn’t get the best of her 32-year-old ovarian cancer survivor Jennifer The Yin Li shares her tale on how she beat cancer and ways she coped with chemotherapy