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june, 2019 | The Health Current News Changing Obesity O besity affects about 650 million adults and more than 120 million children, as well as adolescents across the globe. Obesity has reached pandemic proportions and constitutes a public health issue worldwide with massive economic consequences for health systems. In Malaysia, the numbers are similarly alarming – according to the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015, one-third (33.4%) of adults over the age of 18 are over- weight, and 30.6% are obese, based on the Malaysian Clinical Practice Guidelines of Obesity (2004) clas- sifications . Obesity is commonly perceived as a lifestyle choice by many, but the underlying causes of obesity is more complex than that. “Research has shown that obesity is a complex and multifactorial disease, influenced by either genetic, physiological, environ- mental and psychological factors. For example, some studies have shown that people living with obesity, tend to have strong BMI correlation with their family members, as compared to their marital partners ,” said Associ- ate Professor Dr Alex Tan, Consultant Endocrinologist, University Malaya Medical Centre. Obesity is also known to cause serious health complications and is associated with an impaired quality of life. “When a person with obesity tries to lose weight, they may end up regaining more weight as a result of their bodies slowing down the metabolic rate and genetic factors, in order to put the weight back on. Dato Dr Tikfu Gee (left), Prof Dr Alex Tan, Shakir, and Dr Zubaidah Fadzillah came together to share their expertise and experience in obesity. Today, obesity is classified as a chronic disease, but we need to work towards changing the way people perceive obesity. We cannot stress enough, that support for these patients is key to helping them through their condition”, said Dato’ Dr Tikfu Gee, Consultant Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon, Sunway Medical Centre. The event also featured Shakir, a person currently struggling with obesity and Dr Zuraidah Fadzillah, a general practitioner who co-founded Kelab Ideal Unggul Berserah (KIUB), a community based obesity awareness and intervention program. The increase in the prevalence of obesity is a public health issue with significant implications to the individual and healthcare systems. As part of its long-term commitment to improve the lives of people with obesity, Novo Nordisk is partnering with multiple stakeholders to embark on its Changing ObesityTM initiative, to help raise the awareness surround- ing obesity and help Malaysians better understand the condition. – The Health Glowing for kidney health! The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) is turning MAEPS Serdang into a glowing party! The NKF Glow Run which is happening on 20th July 2019 will take the participants down a luminous 5km route of neon lights, laughter, sweat and exhilaration, with a party atmo- sphere from start to finish. The event is a part of NKF’s 50th anniversary celebration which aims at educating and increasing public awareness of kidney disease while raising funds to subsidise under- privileged kidney failure patients under the care of NKF. Decked in neon paint and accessories, par- ticipants will be transformed into glowing piece of a moving, multi- coloured artwork, while make their way through multiple fun zones including the confetti room, balloon field and neon liquid station. Interested parties who wish to take part in the NKF Glow Run are invited to do so by logging on to for registration. Tickets are priced at RM65 for single participants and RM240 for groups of four. All par- ticipants will be provided with a race pack and all who completed a run will be presented with a finisher tee and medal. Proceeds from the tickets sales will be funnelled towards the treatment and support of under- privileged dialysis patients, as well as funding NKF’s constants efforts to educate the public about kidney disease. — The Health Briefs Prince Court Medical Centre adopts cik kelabu In conjunction with Palliative Care Awareness Month (PCAM) 2019, Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) will be exhibiting Cik Kelabu, a life-sized baby elephant sculpture created by renowned naïve Art artist, Yusof Gajah at the centre’s lobby. The exhibit will be from the 22nd of April till the 30th of June 2019. Cik Kelabu is one of ten life-sized baby elephant sculptures that was created initially by Yusof Gajah for the ‘Speak Up – There’s an Elephant in the Room’ campaign initiated by Hospis Malaysia to raise awareness on palliative care. It was adopted by PCMC in support of the campaign. Alongside the sculpture are two boards. One details the story of the campaign and Cik Kelabu’s significance as well as PCMC’s Palliative Medicine Specialist, Dr Nick Chong Chung King’s role in palliative care. The other is reserved for the public to display their notes expressing their thoughts on a subject still considered to be a taboo by many in Malaysia. Palliative care is multi-disciplinary care given to patients who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. It takes into account a patient’s emotional; spiritual; and practical needs while they undergo treatment. It also targets treating negative symptoms or side effects of the disease such as pain; depression; fatigue; loss of appetite; anxiety; and more. Empowering Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients to demand more from life In conjunction with the World MS Day, Sanofi is launching ‘World vs MS’, an initiative to raise awareness around multiple sclerosis (MS), as well as to empower the patients to demand for a better quality of life through the right treatment options and education. MS is a chronic autoimmune, inflammatory neurological disease of the central nervous system. The immune system attacks myelin, which is the protective layer around nerve fibres. This causes inflammation and scar tissue, making it hard for the brain to send signals to the rest of the body. MS over a period of time leads to brain degeneration, which leads to mental impairment and physical disability. For MS patients, it is imperative for them to learn about the disease and talk to their healthcare provider if they are not tolerating the side effects well, experiencing relapses, noticing worsening symptoms and changes in physical abilities. Patients are encouraged to adhere to their treatment and if they notice worsening of their disease pattern, work with the doctor on alternative treatment options. It is important to combine medication with active lifestyle and diet to manage MS comorbidities and symptoms. — The Health 05 Say ‘NotMe’ to high cholesterol NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS is bringing back its 30-Day Challenge this year to continue spurring Malaysians to take positive action towards a healthier heart by rewarding participants with the most significant reduction in cholesterol levels. The 30-Day Challenge version 2.0 now offers a complete blood cholesterol test, or lipid profile, empowering Malay- sians with a fuller picture to take charge of their heart health, thanks to partners BP Healthcare, Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) and IJN Foundation. With 47.7 percent or almost one in two adults suffering from high cholesterol, Malaysians are becoming increasingly at-risk of heart disease that may lead to heart attack or stroke. More alarmingly, almost 40 percent of those with high cholesterol are unaware that they have it. Singling out ignorance as the driver that is escalating heart disease cases, the Minister of Health, recently, issued a national call for high cholesterol screening, urging Malaysians to take ownership of their health. Version 2.0 of the NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS 30-Day Challenge introduces lipid profile management, a more thorough blood cholesterol test that analyses levels of lipids or fats and fat-like substances in the bloodstream, including LDL or low- density lipoprotein (“bad cholesterol”), HDL or high-density lipoprotein (“good cholesterol”) and triglycerides. The goal is to score significant reductions in LDL and triglycerides and to maintain high levels of HDL. A good lipid profile management can be achieved through a combination of behavioural and lifestyle changes, such as eating a balanced diet, regular exercise for a minimum of 5 times a week (20 minutes each) and reducing intake of fried, oily foods. Additionally, drinking two glasses of NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS daily is clinically proven to lower cholesterol. NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS con- tains plant sterols that effectively block the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream, keeping high cholesterol in check. The lipid profile checks under 30-Day Challenge 2.0 are being made possible through a new partnership with BP Healthcare. The leader in health check with a network of over 100 laboratories and 50 diagnostic centres nationwide, BP Healthcare helps to improve access to high-quality blood cholesterol tests for Malaysians taking that bold step towards better heart health. The grand prize winner of the chal- lenge will win a trip to New Zealand worth RM20,000, while the first runner up will be rewarded with a trip to Japan worth RM10,000. Three top monthly achievers will receive RM1,250 worth of prizes each that include NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS products, IJN wellness package, BP body composition analysis and fitness watch. — The Health