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june, 2019 | The Health Health Business Celebrating 60 years of innovation V arilux®, the global brand that moved the optical industry from bifocals to progressive lens celebrates 60 years of innovation this year. In Malaysia, Varilux hosted a festive soiree recently to also celebrate its status as the number one progressive lens brand recommended by eye care professionals. “The company has come a long way since its inception in 1959, and today it is the number one progressive lens brand. None of this would have been possible without the strong support from the eye care professionals and the confidence consumers have placed in us. This is a strong testimonial for us and we would like to thank everyone who has played an integral part in achiev- ing this milestone,” said Jean-Philippe Ho, General Manager, Essilor Malaysia. Since the success of its first lens, Varilux® has a full range of lenses and continues to innovate, all in order to suit the wearer’s individual needs. It has worked with 38 academic institutions worldwide to a number of lens solutions including Varilux® Comfort, which is a giant step forward in terms of adaptation and ease of use, as well as the latest innovation Varilux® X series™, which is the first progressive lens to maximise vision at arm’s length, dramatically reducing head movements to ensure natural vision. Presbyopia, an older condition Around the world, an estimated 1.8 billion people have presbyopia – a natural eye condition that generally affects those in their 40s, causing them to lose the ability to see close up, such as reading and going about in doing everyday tasks. The new reality of presbyopia today is that it is no longer caused by age alone but due to the daily long use of digital devices at closer reading distances causing damaging eye strain. New findings have shown that near vision starts to decrease at 37 From left: Wong Kok Yoong, Commercial Head of Essilor Malaysia, Denis Chng, Country Manager of Essilor Singapore & Malaysia, and Jean-Phillipe Ho, General Manager of Essilor Malaysia. years old, resulting in younger presbyopes. For years, the go-to solution for presbyopia was wearing bifocal lens. Wearers often experienced unwanted side effects such as uncomfortable jumps in vision and general disruptions in doing simple tasks such as reading and other day-to-day activities. Deciding to solve the drawbacks of bifocals, Ber- nard Maitenaz revolutionised the industry with his innovative creation, Varilux® – a lens solution which gives dynamic clarity and greater comfort, providing natural vision for near, far and in-between. Varilux® has provided the wearer with eye correction needed for presbyopia while avoiding the drawbacks that come with bifocals. “We believe that neither your age nor your vision should slow you down. The wearer is always at the heart of any Varilux® conception and we want to continue doing so, by empowering superior vision, at any dis- tance, in any situation, allowing presbyopes to live life with improved vision”, added Jean. — The Health AstraZeneca partners with CARiNG pharmacy chain A straZeneca Malaysia and the CARiNG Pharmacy chain have joined hands in a recent Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to embark on a partnership intended to improve the health and lives of patients with asthma. This partnership marks a significant milestone as part of the Healthy Lung Malaysia Programme, an initiative by AstraZeneca Malaysia aimed at delivering improve- ments for patients’ nationwide living with respiratory diseases – particularly with asthma and COPD, via a multi-faceted approach of increasing disease awareness, building healthcare provider capability, increasing access to healthcare and improving understanding of disease and effective treatment. The CARiNG pharmacy chain’s landmark decision makes it the first pharmacy chain to collaborate with AstraZeneca Malaysia to launch the MyAsthma cam- paign, focused on empowering patients to enhance their understanding and management of their asthma. Currently in its pilot phase, the MyAsthma campaign, which is part of the Healthy Lung programme, focuses on three key areas: • Patient-centric education and support • Knowledge and capability building for healthcare providers, and • Digital-based solutions Through the MyAsthma campaign, several initia- tives will be rolled out in line with the three key areas identified: In terms of patient-centric education and support, close to 200 CARiNG pharmacists across 126 CARiNG outlets in Malaysia will motivate every asthma patient they serve to enrol in MyAsthma, with the aim of reach- ing 20,000 patients through the CARiNG pharmacy chain. Patients needing extra help will be identified by pharmacists to receive asthma counselling by Breathe EaSY nurse educators appointed by AstraZeneca, to AstraZeneca & Caring Pharmacy MyAsthma MoA 2 . improve disease management. CARiNG pharmacists will support the nurses by continuing to assess if patients are compliant with disease control advice. At the same time, patients will be empowered with more knowledge on asthma through a digital platform, accessible anytime at their own convenience. For knowledge and capability building for healthcare providers, AstraZeneca will work with relevant medical associations to develop and support training for CARiNG pharmacists. Digital-based solutions will be applied for patient edu- cation, whereby information and educational materials will be channelled through a digital platform. All patients will be able to register with MyAsthma and access digital and video content via scanning a QR code displayed instore. Patients can learn the correct technique for inhaler use for better disease control, read explanations on the myths and facts surrounding asthma and much more. Under other Healthy Lung initiatives, AstraZeneca Malaysia has been working with Asthma Malaysia since 2017 to increase awareness of asthma among the public. The organisation is a trusted online resource for the public to learn about and understand asthma better. — The Health 09 Briefs Omnicomm successfully launches innovation forum in Asia New drug innovation, patient-centric eClinical solutions and the latest trends in pharmaceutical research topped the agenda at Innovation Forum Asia, an inaugural customer summit hosted by OmniComm Systems, Inc. (OTCQX: OMCM), a leading global provider of clinical data management technology. Co- hosted by Tri-I Biotech, the Shanghai-based event attracted a larger-than-anticipated crowd of attendees and speakers. “This was a great event for OmniComm in China. I am so happy to see the rapid growth of OmniComm’s business in the region, and I want to thank Tri-I for its great partnership with us during the past four years,” said Feng Cheng, GM of OmniComm China. Innovation Forum Asia drew a large crowd of representatives from nearly 50 life science organizations. During the two-day event, attendees heard presentations from thought leaders, academic researchers and OmniComm customers who have achieved significant gains in productivity, automation, data quality, operational efficiency and compliance in their conduct of clinical trials using OmniComm’s EDC products. “We are very happy to be a partner of OmniComm and work with them to provide advanced clinical software to our customers in China,” said Michael Lee, founder and GM of Tri-I. “As a local company, we have a strong regional network, which helps OmniComm grow and support its business in China. Tri-I has a team of close to 20 people dedicated to OmniComm’s products. We provide expertise and high-quality services to customers.” Mary Kay unveils breakthrough research Mary Kay Inc., a global beauty company and leader in skin care innovation, continues its ongoing support of the beauty and scientific communities by participating in two global dermatological conferences this spring. Mary Kay attended the prestigious Reunión Anual de Dermatólogos Latinoamericanos (RADLA) May 4–7 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where it presented findings related to the effects of pollution on skin health. The company will also sponsor the 77th Annual Meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology (SID) in Chicago, May 8–11, where it will reveal its latest research on how five fruit extracts known to contain vitamin C work to help skin appearance. During the 37th annual RADLA conference, leading skin care experts from around the world convened to explore various topics, including the impact of external environmental aggressors on skin health. Mary Kay presented research focused on skin concerns stemming from diesel exhaust particles (DEP) in the environment. Continued exposure to DEP increases free radicals in skin cells, which can ultimately impact premature signs of skin aging, like dark spots and dullness Fortunately, Mary Kay also presented findings on an antioxidant complex that can help delay the premature signs of aging related to the damaging effects of DEP. This breakthrough technology, found in the Mary Kay®TimeWise® Miracle Set 3D™ skin care line, provides a powerful free-radical regimen with an exclusive, patent-pending, three-dimensional approach to skin aging. “Mary Kay scientists spent years researching the latest ingredient innovations to develop our newest skin care collection that defends against free radicals and helps delay the onset of premature skin aging from unavoidable environmental and lifestyle stressors such as car exhaust and air pollution,” said Dr. Lucy Gildea, Chief Scientific Officer at Mary Kay Inc. — The Health