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Stewarding knowledge management in halal

The launch of the Halal Pharmapreneur Professional Certificate Programme by Prof Dato ' Dr Hanafiah Harunarashid .
“ We boldly change our procurement policy and pharmacy practises into a Shariah-compliant system to buy them . We then published the first halal medicines formulary , where we differentiated medicines into three categories : red being porcine-based ( non-halal ), green as halal , and grey as mushbooh ( unclear ). “
He shared that Malaysia had one of the most robust halal pharmaceuticals industries in the world and is championing halal medicines globally .
Emphasising on ethics
Syed Azhar , talking from the academician ’ s point of view , emphasised the quality of life .
“ The research we have been doing is not just focusing on what the vaccine is all about , etc . We are talking about specifically
Participants at the symposium . the quality of life ,” he said , adding that halal pharmaceuticals are essential in supplying quality treatments for patients .
Amrahi shared that MPS , a professional body representing Malaysian pharmacists , established the halal pharmaceutical chapter under the council in 2014 .
“ Halal is for all . Halal , toyyiban and ethics must come into the picture . We want to develop these things because pharmacist practitioners deal directly with patients and fellow professionals . MPS plays a huge role in this initiative .
“ It is crucial for the professional body to take this responsibility . From there on , we were able to move , be involved in policies , discuss the national medicine policies , and participate in making standards like MS 2424 and MS 2636 ,” explained Amrahi . — The Health
Tan Sri Siti Sa ' diah Sh Bakir gives her welcoming remarks .
DUOPHARMA BIOTECH BERHAD has organised the International Halal Pharmaceutical Symposium since 2016 to reinforce the true meaning of halal pharmaceuticals . The company consistently works to ensure that the industry supply chain follows rigorous international halal standards to produce high-quality products at every stage of the value chain .
The 3rd edition of the symposium on June 15 witnessed the launching ceremony of the Halal Pharmapreneur Professional Certificate Programme by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ( UKM ). The Faculty of Pharmacy of UKM , in collaboration with the Malaysian Pharmacists Society ( MPS ) and Duopharma Biotech , is offering a new programme to spearhead the halal and Shariah-compliant entrepreneurship concept in community pharmacy businesses .
“ Duopharma Biotech has strived to establish strategic collaborations to meet the demands of the Malaysian , ASEAN and global markets . We will continue taking the necessary measures to grow the halal pharmaceutical industry in Malaysia and worldwide . We remain committed to our aspiration to produce safe , effective , quality and halal products for all consumers ,” said Tan Sri Siti Sa ’ diah Sh Bakir , Chairman of Duopharma Biotech , during her welcoming remarks .
“ Another pivotal factor in the growth of the halal pharma industry is the effort to steward knowledge management which relates to people and talent development . Continuous human capital and knowledge development are imperatives in the development of any industry .
“ Technological advancement and innovation in products , and increasingly agile services will continuously challenge halal standards and procedures to intentionally remain “ in step and fit for purpose ”. Collaboration with UKM on development of Professional Certificate Halal Pharmapreneur which is open to all professional pharmacists who wish to develop their knowledge is encouraged ,” she said .
The Halal Pharmapreneur Professional Certificate Programme provides guidance and training on the fundamental skills needed in halal pharmapreneurship . These include understanding halal and toyyiban , halal science , halal assurance system , drug monitoring services , halal-based community pharmacy services and the halal-centric business aspects of being a community pharmacist .
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