The HEALTH : January 2019

VOL 2: 09 | Month of January, 2019 | RM5.00 | PP19292/03/2018 (034850) | Month Of January, 2019 Pacemaker for the pregnant PET-CT Scan is 90% more accurate PET-CT Scan is a type of imaging device which combines radiopharmaceuticals, a specialized camera lens, and an advanced computer system to detect abnormalities in our bodies. – p09 Plus: Special pullout – IJN CLEAN AIR, our right T obacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the world. Apart from the harms smoking causes to smokers, exposure to second-han d smoke is a major public health hazard. Everyone has the right to breathe. Clean air is our fundamental right. Th e Health supports the Blue Ribbon Campaign to inform smokers and non-smokers alike about tobacco smoke’s harms. – p08-11 2019 Budget Highlights Wonder Women – p12-13 – p14&15 – p20 2019 Budget for health- Malaysian fertility care aims for impact in jeopardy Exclusive Planning motherhood years in advance RISING FROM POVERTY TO A REVERED TYCOON – p22&23 Pregnant woman with heart condition gets pacemaker through 3D mapping system. – p05 The cure for weak hearts People living with heart failure faces eternal hardship in life, as they will be subjected to all life-risking problems, even with the use of pacemakers, those whose hearts are tremendously weak will not live a comfortable life. – p04&05