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It is an undeniable fact that the lungs of the bird community are healthier and more robust due to their flying methods

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Strengthening your lungs to fight infections

It is an undeniable fact that the lungs of the bird community are healthier and more robust due to their flying methods

The most dreaded word ‘ pandemic ’

that shook the world from the beginning of 2020 is gradually losing its impact .
Though the number of Covid-19 positive cases has increased in Malaysia , the man-on-the-street is not so much concerned .
On Nov 28 , 2020 , the number of positive cases was 1,315 . The highest recorded to date was 2,188 on Nov 24 , 2020 .
As much as the government is doing its best , the general Malaysian has a disturbing question . Is this a real count or politically construed ?
We are not here to judge or support any quarter but have to understand this is one main reason why the general public is not so concerned . One of the ways this can be re-ascertained is by more transparency . This is not to create fear but to alert our Malaysians of the seriousness of this pandemic .
Unknown enemy versus the known self
Only a few chosen experts truly understand the seriousness of the Covid-19 virus . The general public can only visualise a reddish ball with tentacles .
Malaysians have been told to use masks and social distance for months .
It has not been fully effective . It is now
time that people are taught to rebuild and restructure their lifestyle through indoor exercises and healthy dieting .
In this first part of the restructuring programme , we will start by focusing on the lungs itself . We have always looked at the animal kingdom to understand the movements that we later establish as exercises to better our physical body .
Among all living forms , it is the birds and their flying methods that are closely connected to the lungs . Watch a bird fly , and you will experience the extensive muscular movements of the lungs . This will explain the distance they cover without many breaks .
It is an undeniable fact the lungs of the bird community are healthier and more potent than that of any other living form .
Look at the visual shown . It is probably one of the most straightforward exercises that every one of us can do without much assistance . As shown in the diagram , move and stretch your arms . By doing the exercise , after shower before lunch and dinner , one would be able to strengthen the lungs to prepare the body against general airborne infections .
This should also be taught to our children and made into a fun-filled exercise . They should raise their arms and mimic the bird . The older citizens should also be introduced
to do this exercise even though they might have difficulty in moving around physically .
This exercise not only builds our lungs and the air passages but also allows more intake of oxygen that could de-stress the body .
This exercise which helps in the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide , would dry the body . Avoid cold and hot drinks before doing this exercise . It is advisable to drink warm water .
This exercise can be done anywhere . However , it is more effective if it is done in your balcony or your garden space surrounded by plants .
This should not be done after a meal . — The Health
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