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Abeille d ’ Or adheres to its original objective of quality over quantity to achieve success


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Unique commitment to quality

Abeille d ’ Or adheres to its original objective of quality over quantity to achieve success


Abeille d ’ Or was founded

in Malaysia by June Liao in 1990 . Probably many are impressed by the slogan “ Abeille d ’ Or – Ensuring a healthy body free from worry ”.
Starting with Chlorella , Abeille d ’ Or has been operating in the Malaysian market for 30 years , an amazing feat .
Its founder June Liao is in her seventies but the lady boss doesn ’ t look her age at all . In this interview with MyHealth newspaper at Abeille d ’ Or ’ s head office in Kuala Lumpur , she looked radiant as she shared her concept of good health .
When quality over quantity is important
June Liao said that over the past 30 years , the achievements of Abeille d ’ Or have been most spectacular and well-recognized .
“ Some of our customers span over three or even four generations , all
( Top ) June Liao , Founder and Managing Director of Abeille d ’ Or .
I managed to convince my father to take the health supplements when he was 85 years old . He lived until 101 years old and died of old age .” manifesting excellent health .
“ Looking back at the progress of Abeille d ’ Or , I think the greatest success factors are our commitment and guiding principles ,” June Liao explained as she deliberated on her three major principles . They are : 1 . Committed to quality Abeille d ’ Or performed exceptionally well from 2005 to 2007 . “ Even when stocks had run out , we still insisted on high-quality products and did not simply look for inferior replacements ”.
2 . No to direct selling Abeille d ’ Or has insisted on adopting the traditional marketing method since 30 years ago , selling through Chinese and Western medical stores . “ We believe good products marketed at reasonable prices can help more people in need of good health .”
3 . Committed to good products Good products emphasize on quality rather than quantity . It is not easy for a consumer to accept a product and consume it long term for health sustenance . June Liao reiterated that it ’ s not necessary to have many product choices . “ If a product has good quality and benefits , it will naturally attract a long queue of ardent followers ”.
The concept of health varies in phases
Thirty years is enough for a child to grow into an adult . For those who regularly consume Abeille d ’ Or products , basically this brand has been with them since they were kids . June Liao said that the concept of health is also undergoing changes in phases , which shows that people ’ s awareness of healthcare has changed over time .
“ Thirty years ago , the customer base for healthcare products was very limited . Generally , these products were only consumed when they were sick or were bought for their children to consume when their bodies were weak and suffering regularly from cold or when they had no appetite .”
June Liao continued , “ There are also customers who have just started taking it in recent years . The reason for their purchase is that they have seen Abeille d ’ Or around for 20 to 30 years and it ought to be a good product to survive that long .”
The second phase is for people of about 40 years old . “ Men start to feel a bit weak at the age of 40 , and may tend to feel tired . “ Often , they cannot accept the fact that their physical strength is not as good as before , so they begin to feel uneasy . As health awareness increases , this group of people will also accept healthcare products .
“ Next comes the pregnant women . I have received a lot of feedback from customers and they are all convinced that children born with Abeille d ’ Or Chlorella are particularly easy to take care of .
“ The most obvious is that the children are very healthy , rarely get sick , have superb learning ability and good memory as well as wholesome bodily development .” These lovely and healthy Abeille d ’ Or babies makes her proud and pleased .
The fourth phase is the group around 30 years old . “ These people may have heard of or taken Abeille d ’ Or when they were young .
“ Once they step into the workforce , get married and have children , they will soon realize what is meant by being weary and what fatigue is . Only then will they start to consume healthcare product again .”
There is also a group of people in their 20s who consume Abeille d ’ Or to prevent tiredness when they are studying or driving at night . “ Abeille d ’ Or Chlorella is rich in plant proteins to help cell growth .
“ If you have to stay up late , take Chlorella in advance to help boost your mental strength so that you will not be tired or adversely affected the next day .”
A personal healthcare experience
In the past 30 years , many changes have taken place throughout the world , and