The Happiness Lab Delegate's Guide Chapter 5 — Body & Soul - Page 2

05 52 Holistic care W hen it comes to caring for yourself, most people acknowledge that we need to look after our mind, body, and soul. Although there is some ambiguity as to what we mean by the terms “soul” or “spiritual”, there is a general acceptance that they refer to an inner aspect of our being that gives defi nition to who we are. Ideas about how to look after your body, and indeed mind, are well documented: watch what you eat and drink; work on getting a good night’s sleep; do an appropriate amount of exercise; and do puzzles and games that get your mind working. But how do we look after our soul? Admittedly, as whole beings, to look after our mind and body is to look after our soul. If we are in good shape physically we will feel better about who we are. When it comes to looking after your soul the key is to explore the wisdom of the ages and the practices of cultures from across the world today. Some will work and some will not. Th e best way forward is to dabble with a few at a time and see what works for you. Perhaps an ideal place to start is in the areas of laughter, celebration, and hospitality.