The Happiness Lab Delegate's Guide Chapter 4 — Friends & Family - Page 2

04 Two is better than one F 42 riends are good for you. The happiest people in the world are normally those with lots of good friends. It was once said that “two are better than one” and all the evidence supports the fact that a life lived in community with others is a happier life than one lived in isolation. Research conducted on three different continents among communities with elderly members revealed that, more than anything else, what these people had in common was that they were socially engaged: they had friends. Old age was not about keeping themselves to themselves but rather about getting out and connecting with others. There are many reasons why belonging is good for you: we can receive the support we require during life’s difficult times; we have someone to share joyful experiences with which will deepen those experiences for us; other people are a mechanism for expressing and receiving love; and other people can create a safe place in which we can explore who we are and what we bring to the world. The challenge in all this is how do we make the right choices and manage our time accordingly so as to fully invest in the relationships we have with friends and family.