The Happiness Lab Delegate's Guide Chapter 1 — Gratitude & Savouring - Page 2

01 10 Seeing life differently I n the fi lm Th e Colour of Paradise, Iranian director and screenwriter Majid Majidi introduces us to Mohammad, a delightful and sensitive eight-year-old boy. Every summer, he excitedly leaves Tehran’s Blind Institute in order to spend his holiday at home with his father and grandmother. Due to his inability to physically see, Mohammad has developed the capacity to look at life through the eyes of his heart. As someone who is fi lled with life, he is continually exploring that which is going on around him. Mohammad is treasured by his grandmother, but not by his father. During a summer that should have seen Mohammad fl ourishing in the countryside around his home he is sadly taken away and placed as an apprentice to a blind carpenter. Mohammad’s father, whose marriage is fast approaching, sees his son as an obstacle and is keen to offl oad him as quickly as possible. Despite being the father of a child who is caught up in the awe and wonder of that which surrounds him, Mohammad’s father is a man who cannot see the treasure in front of his own eyes. Th ere is incredible power in being thankful. What psychology teaches us is that opening your eyes to the many good things that surround you and then savouring them gives you the capacity to nourish your soul and develop your happiness muscles.