The Happiness Lab Delegate's Guide Chapter 1 — Gratitude & Savouring | Page 6

01 14 SOMETHING TO PONDER What can you be thankful for today? How do you spot the good things that happen in your life? How do you become an ungrateful person? How do you cultivate a more grateful heart? Who should we be grateful to: only ourselves, the actions of others, or a divine power? What does savouring mean to you? What helps you savour an experience? What is your top tip for slowing down to savour an experience? What hinders you from savouring? Why does personal loss or tragedy make some people more grateful? How does savouring make you happier? Most miserable person you know? What piece of music do you find yourself lost in? Describe a precious memory or the most precious gift you have ever been given. Is savouring about the journey, the destination, or both? Why?