The Hammonton Gazette 11/01/23 Edition

Meet the Candidates for Town Council Plus , General Assembly , County Commissioner , County Sheriff & State Senate p . 1 , 4 , 8 , 10 , 12 , 14

Meet the Candidates for Town Council Plus , General Assembly , County Commissioner , County Sheriff & State Senate p . 1 , 4 , 8 , 10 , 12 , 14

Halloween fun around town p . 28-33

November Community Calendar p . 21

Wednesday , November 1 , 2023
Volume 27 • Issue 44

Beautiful night downtown for Kiwanis Parade

Candice Atwell / THG
The Hammonton Kiwanis Club held their 47th Annual Halloween Parade downtown on Oct . 25 . Left : Ashley and Kenny Dulaney with their children Jax and Ryder enjoyed watching the parade . Above : Kate , Riley and Bob Harry with their dog Bonnie Sue . For more photos and a list of winners , see Page 9 .

Who ’ s running for General Assembly ?

by Kristin Guglietti GAZETTE STAFF WRITER
Michael Torrissi , Jr . is running for re-election as a member of the New Jersey General Assembly . He is a longtime resident of Hammonton with almost 10 years of experience on Hammonton Town Council .
During blueberry season when there were concerns with water usage , Torrissi was able to speak directly with the governor ’ s office to make sure Hammonton farmers were not shut down . Torrissi said the town of Hammonton was a direct line item in the budget , which received about $ 250,000 for the park . As an assemblyman , Torrissi has fought for a lot of items and while working with people in Trenton , he helped bring grants that benefit towns like Hammonton . If reelected , he will support parental rights . Torrissi said most parents with young children are concerned about what is being taught in our schools . He believes some things should be taught individually at a child ’ s home and there should not
be pornographic books in the elementary schools . He stands with the teachers who are upset , too . He thinks the state of New Jersey has gone too far left and needs to get back into the middle of the road . Another issue on Torrissi ’ s mind is the energy crisis . He said there ’ s no way people can afford electric vehicles mandated , and he is concerned for people having gas stoves taken away and having everything electric . If everything becomes electric , Torrissi believes New Jersey will become unaffordable for many people , so he wants to prevent that from happening . He wants to make sure families are protected and want to stay in New Jersey . He is the middle-of-the-road conservative who cares about families ’ safety and security , and the biggest proponent of working across the isle to get things done .
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A resurgence in SJA ’ s College , Counseling Dept .

by Kristin Guglietti GAZETTE STAFF WRITER
When Stephen Cappuccio became St . Joseph Academy ’ s ( SJA ) Head of School and President in 2022 , he saw a need for a college readiness program .
Since hiring Dean of College Guidance Michael Sherlock , the College and School Counseling Department has had a resurgence .
Sherlock started working at SJA part-time in February 2022 and started working full-time June 2022 . The 2023- 2024 school year will be his second academic year working in the department .
“ Mike has been successful and instrumental in putting in a program unique to St . Joe ,” Cappuccio said .
Before working at St . Joseph Academy , Sherlock was a college and school counselor at Sherlock Bishop Eustace Preparatory School for 20 years .
“ When I came to St . Joseph Academy , I knew I wanted to bring a lot of what I learned from that experience at Bishop Eustace here , and one of that was building up the college and career aspect of things and also introducing a social and emotional learning component ,” Sherlock said .
SJA has established many guaranteed admission partnerships with colleges in the Philadelphia-area region and beyond .
One school St . Joseph Academy is partnering with is the Fox School of Business at Temple University .
“ We have our business students here . We have two classes , and they will be afforded the opportunity to visit , sit in classes and meet professors throughout the entire year at Temple ,” Sherlock said .
Students are scheduled to go back to the Fox School of Business before the holiday break . Temple University also sends professors to St . Joseph Academy to teach students occasional lessons throughout the school year .
Another thing Sherlock is excited for is the partnership with Bowie State University .
“ One thing we ’ re really excited about right now . We have about 30 percent of our population identify as minority and knowing that 30 percent of our population is considered a minority , we have Beyond the Conversation and they were at that Q & A panel with Bowie State University , which is a HBCU . HBCU is a Historically Black College and University . Bowie State is down in Maryland ,” Sherlock said .
Over the summer , Sherlock met with the Dean of Enrollment at Bowie State University and Morgan State University to talk about St . Joseph Academy , the students
See SJA , Page 3 by Kristin Guglietti GAZETTE STAFF WRITER
Anthony Angelozzi is running as a member of the New Jersey General Assembly . Angelozzi decided to run because of his background in education . With 16 years of teaching , he believes he has made a positive impact on thousands of students .
Angelozzi is a history teacher at the Hammonton High School and serves as the Hammonton Education Association ( HEA )
President , which represents the employees at the Hammonton School District . This experience has helped him with problem solving and compromising . As a community member who works with families and children , he would bring a fresh perspective to law making and be a good public servant by being active in the community and being visible and present .
Angelozzi wants to touch on issues that affect families the most . Angelozzi is pro-worker
and will make sure union rights and collective bargaining rights are protected in New Jersey . Regarding education , Angelozzi believes students are way over tested . He is a big opponent of standardized testing . He is also passionate about keeping the culture war away from education . According to Angelozzi , school is supposed to be an equalizer where students go to learn to think critically and get the skills that they need for the work place , so when he sees debates like book bans or controversies over sex education or not being able to teach the true history of the United States , it bothers Angelozzi personally because it has a direct impact on his job as a history teacher .
As a parent , he wants to make the state a better place for children to grow up in whether that be having certain rights , ensuring safety and getting the best education possible .

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