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Rise Again Animal Rescue ’ s local work

ANIMAL , from Page 1
“ The shelters hit their max with funds and these cats need more specialty care , more so that we can pull them , get them neurologic care or whatever they need , just like you would need to see a gastroenterologist . Cats and animals have the same thing in shelters , if they can ’ t find rescue , they usually get euthanized ,” McKibban said .
While the rescue is mostly taking care of cats , they are open to taking care of dogs . According to Sedia , the logistics of cats are easier to take care of as you can foster several cats at once while it can be challenging fostering dogs at once .
“ Veterinary care is a priority so we ’ re mostly focused on cats . We can potentially take other animals from another rescue , Danielle and I , we took in big animals so never say never . Basically , we feel like we ’ re the right outlet to help the animals ,” Sedia said .
The rescue finds the animals from shelters and works with other track-neuter-vaccinate-release groups that take care of feral cats . Sedia said the best approach is to trap them and then nurse and neuter them so when they ’ re healthy again , they ’ re released so they can live their lives without worrying about reproducing . Lafferty mentioned that they use social media such as Facebook for advertisement and a website called Shelterluv .
“ We advertise a lot on Facebook , we ’ re building a base there . Social media does so much because it reaches so many people for adoptions these days . Back in the day , you would rely on someone to come in a building and see a pet or maybe a paper but now , we can reach people instantly and we can also show videos , give a better glimpse into what they are like in a home and not in a shelter environment because they do change a lot once they get out of a cage . There ’ s a website called Shelterluv that people can browse through cats and put in an application and of course , we talk to our friends and family and show pictures of cats ,” Lafferty said .
The rescue is publicly funded as they receive donations from people from fundraisers , Facebook and their website . T-shirts are sold from their website to help fund the

Lake Water Quality Cmte .

COMMITTEE , from Page 3 council to do the removal in the fall .
The issue regarding traces of perfluoroalkyl and polyfloroalykyl substances ( PFAS ) being found in the lake and in residents ’ wells in their home was also discussed . This was after Bachalis followed up on a question regarding the issue from a previous committee meeting asked to him .
To conclude the meeting , the committee is looking into increasing public access and use of the lake , a presentation regarding canoe and kayak offerings by Pinelands Adventures was shown to the Parks and Recreation Commission at their previous meeting , to which the commission was receptive to . A program is being looked into as well as attempting to teach the public about water safety .

Disorderly conduct arrest

HPD , from Page 2 asked for his identification and proceeded to make a phone call ,” Friel said .
Ocampos-Vasquez was asked multiple times to produce his identification and he kept refusing , Friel said .
He was taken into custody , transported to police headquarters for processing and charged with disorderly conduct and local ordinance noise violations , Friel said .
Ocampos-Vasquez was released pending a court date in Hammonton Joint Municipal Court , Friel said .
Friel said Carpo was the investigating and arresting officer .
This report is comprised of arrests and investigations made by the men and women of local enforcement . All suspects and arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law .
rescue although McKibban mentioned that the rescue got their 501 C3 so they are considered non-profit and can submit applications for grants , which they ’ re waiting to hear back on .
The rescue is always looking for volunteers and if interested , they can contact them at info @ riseagainanimalrescue . com or at ( 609 ) 666-2428 . They are looking for help for a few events that they have upcoming in April and during the summer as well as foster homes .
“ We always need fosters so if
anybody wants to foster kittens or adult cats , and you don ’ t need a lot to foster like you literally just need a basket , and we provide litter , food , medical supplies , we basically take care of everything . We provide space and care for the cats and we always want people to follow us on social media because a lot of those things are done there so if people can like us on Facebook , share our posts , anything helps . You ’ re bringing eyeballs to the cats , help them get adopted , help us get donations , partnerships because you can go to
a local business or somebody and ask if they ’ d like to partner because it ’ s nice that we can get the exposure for the cats and the businesses partnering with us ,” Sedia said .
Rise Again Animal Rescue is located at PO Box 1197 in Hammonton and you can follow them on social media at Rise Again Animal Rescue on Facebook , on Instagram (@ riseagainanimalrescue ) and TikTok . You can also check out their website at riseagainanimalrescue . org for more information and can contact them on their website as well as make donations .