The Grit September 2018

ISSUE 4 – SEPTEMBER, 2018 Inside The Grit this month l  Whoa boy project rolls out l  Water quality monitoring group l  Get on top of pigs! l  Update on New Incentives l  Riversymposium 2018 l  RCS Grazing clinic l Suite of training options l  On The Calendar BBB whoa boy project begins ever before has a whoa boy project rolled out across N the BBB catchment. Every landholder in the catchment is invited to be involved. Hurry to be a part of it. Contact Brendan Smith - 0417 408 587. LDC is hosting landcare specialist and plant operator Darryl Hill to deliver erosion control grader training to local operators and landholders from the first week of September before delivering the project from September through to November. Gullies - the real work begins month a call went out to landholders with an L LDC AST active gully on their property (1-5ha) to contact the team to have it assessed as a possible LDC task and demonstration site. The response was immediate - 23 nominations have been received. The team is now in the process of assessing and prioritising these gullies. Walking Mt Wickham landscape is conducting a large-scale gully remediation project L In DC on Mt Wickham. mid-August, LDC staff walked the landscape with local contractors looking to be involved in these major works. They were joined by representatives from ecological engineering firm Verterra, a principal partner on the project, who developed the gully remediation technical design. ST A TH RT W IS S EE K