The Grit September 2018 - Page 5

THE grit It’s all about having a say N ever before has a project taken such a wide-ranging approach to improving land and water quality at a catchment scale. Strong and ongoing local participation is the cornerstone of the Landholders Driving Change project (LDC). Get involved! HERE is a lot happening and we T want every grazier in the BBB to get involved. A range of opportunities are available: l On-property extension activities, l Joining a cluster group, l Training - such as mapping and erosion control grader workshops. Riversymposium 2018 ANDHOLDERS Driving Change is facilitating a L approaches multidisciplinary approach to designing cost-effective to remediate large-scale dispersive erosion gully features on grazing lands. Alluvium Consulting Australia, a principal consultant overseeing the large-scale remediation works on Mt Wickham, will speak about the project at the International Riversymposium 2018, held in Sydney on 14-18 October. Gotta love The DIRT VERY quarter we E will showcase the achievements and progress of the project in The DIRT. It’s a publication you can show off to your friends in the city. The DIRT is already proving popular. Since its launch in the middle of April, 915 people have viewed the publication (as at August 30). Make a cup of tea, turn up the volume on your computer, click on the front cover and enjoy the read. Grit, Issue 4, September, 2018 | P5