The Grit September 2018 - Page 2

Don’t miss this Eco-graze workshop D ON’T miss this opportunity - a three-day Eco-graze workshop focused on Holistic Grazing Planning to increase pasture and animal productivity. It will be held at the Collinsville Community Centre on 18-20 September. An optional property visit to Tabletop Station on 21 September will offer an opportunity to hear owners Tom and Karen Murphy share their Holistic Management experiences since early 2015. Stress less for better stock handling three-day Low Stress Stockhandling A course is available to all BBB graziers, presented by founder and CH LA AN ST CE RE G N IS O TE W R ! principal trainer of Low Stress Stock Handling, Jim Lindsay. It will run on 27-29 September, at the Bowen River rodeo grounds. Register your interest with Senior Field Officer Brendan Smith 0417 408 587. RCS Grazing Clinic a “hands-on” event H URRY and register for the RCS Grazing Clinic - run by internationally acclaimed Terry McCosker - held at the Collinsville Community Centre on 23-25 October. The clinic, sponsored by Glencore, is a practical hands-on workshop that will develop your skills as a grass manager. F UP ILL I FA NG ST The Bowen-based LDC project support team Land Management Support Coordinator - Rodger Walker - 0408 828 276 Senior Field Officer - Brendan Smith - 0417 408 587 Senior Field Officer - Adrienne Hall - 0428 158 859 P2 | Grit Issue 4, September, 2018 Drop in for a cuppa at the team’s new office at 35 Don Street (near the Salt Works) in Bowen. You will always be welcome.