The Grit March 2019

ISSUE 10 ā€“ MARCH, 2019 Inside The Grit this month lā€‚ International Gully Symposium lā€‚ New members join the LDC Steering Panel lā€‚ Policy Engagement roundtable meeting l Weed hygiene training l Looking for properties that will be demo sites Wet start to the year, a positive for the BBB he BBB catchment received T good rainfall in January. We have collated rainfall totals, images and data from across the region, as well as further afield. Grazier Support Program for 2019 program A s the part LDC of an team integrated in conjunction with project partners RCS and DAF is delivering a series of workshops and supported activities throughout 2019. A schedule is available. NT IES E L T EL UNI C EX ORT P OP