The Grit July 2019

ISSUE 14 – JULY, 2019 Inside The Grit this month l  International Gully Symposium l  LDC supports WRC baiting program l  GRT workshop l  Water Quality Monitoring results dinner l  Updates to the LDC website Boost herd performance INE participants took part in a herd N management and pregnancy testing workshop conducted by Dr Ian Braithwaite, and kindly hosted by Lyle Gillham and family, at Glenden Station, near Glenden. Now The DIRT will be a hardcopy magazine BY popular demand, The DIRT will be published in hardcopy magazine format later this year. It will be distributed throughout the BBB. And The Grit changes too THE Grit, LDC’s “message board” will deliver tighter, more focused information, coming out every two months from August.