The Grit July 2019 - Page 4

New gully erosion book is a “must read” out this new gully C HECK erosion publication from the Burnett Mary Regional Group, written by John Day and Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries’ Principal Extension Officer, Bob Shepherd. Steering Committee reps visit the LDC project e love showing off the W great work landholders are achieving to improve landscape function and water quality, so were delighted to take Major Integrated Projects (MIPs) Steering Committee reps on a tour of the BBB region recently. Visit the LDC website, it’s had an update LDC website - ldc. T HE - is always being updated. Every month, new stories, new photo galleries and news of new opportunities are posted. Make sure you’re a frequent visitor! Subscribe to the NQ Dry Tropics newsletter Q Dry Tropics’ second newsletter N has been published. It’s a great read and it tells a piece of the great story about Natural Resource Management in the Burdekin Dry Tropics. It is also full of news about what the company is working on and where it’s headed. P4 | Grit Issue 14, July, 2019