The Grit January 2019

ISSUE 8 – JANUARY, 2019 Inside The Grit this month l  Delivering reef water quality outcomes l  Opportunies for on-ground works l  Suite of training packages for graziers l Exploring New Incentives - BBB suite of recommendations WATER TESTERS he BBB Community T Water Monitoring Group links graziers with scientists to enable research to be packaged in a more meaningful way - making it easier for graziers to become more knowledgeable about local water challenges, data visualisation and analysis. It also opens the way to graziers’ knowledge complementing the formal science. TropWATER’s Steve Lewis, NQ Dry Tropics LDC’s Barb Colls with Eileen Hillier, of Glenmore Station (centre) Volunteer to be part of producer-driven demonstration site wants to establish a scalable, multi-faceted L truth DC ‘whole of enterprise’ demonstration site to ground a wide range of management and landscape remediation techniques. We want to hear from interested graziers. An Expression of Interest (EOI) to be a part of this exciting new project will be released at the end of January. Contact Lisa Hutchinson for further information.