The Grit Issue 3

ISSUE 3 – AUGUST, 2018 Inside The Grit this month l  Whoa boy project rolls out l  Eco-graze workshop l  Gully repair l  Landscape rehydration workshop l  Beef Up Forum l  Low-stress stock handling l  RCS Grazing clinic l Suite of training options l  On The Calendar BBB whoa boy project begins EVER before has a whoa boy project rolled out N across the catchment. LDC will host highly-respected landcare specialist and plant operator Darryl Hill to deliver erosion control grader training to the project’s pool of plant contractors and landholders from the first week of September before delivering the project from September through to November. Contact us to be a part of it. How to use this monthly update HE Grit is an interactive e-zine... T the real gold is just below the surface. It’s designed to be a quick and informative read. It’s deliberately very brief, touching only on the essential details in each Acitivity Area of the LDC project. Quite often, however, there is more to the story... and, where there is a “READ MORE” button at the bottom of the item, all the extra information is available, literally at the click of the button. Navigating through the publication is easy - double-click to zoom in, then move the mouse around to pan across the page and double-click again to zoom out.