The Grit Issue 3 - Page 4

Suite of training opportunities for graziers HE LDC team has put together T a suite of training opportunities that could be useful for graziers in the BBB. It is not a complete list, and if you’re interested in a particular area of training, and it doesn’t appear here, please contact the Bowen-based grazing team. Soil health in grazing fact sheet EALTHY soils are the H basis for healthy food production. Healthy soils are essential for plant growth, human nutrition, ecosystem services such as water filtration, and supporting a landscape resilient to drought, flood or fire. NQ Dry Tropics has produced a Soil Health For Grazing fact sheet with information on key soil health properties, how to manage soil health in grazing landscapes, as well as a list of useful resources. Gotta love The DIRT VERY quarter we E will showcase the achievements and progress of the project in The DIRT. It’s a publication you can show off to your friends in the city. The DIRT is already proving popular. Since its launch in the middle of April, 882 people have viewed the publication (as at July 19). Make a cup of tea, turn up the volume on your computer, click on the front cover and enjoy the read. Laser level available THE LDC project now has a state-of- the-art laser level to help landholders plan and design surface water management structures. Managing the flow of water is integral to minimising erosion and enhancing grazing land management, and the laser level will help achieve that. P4 | Grit Issue 3, August, 2018