The Grit Issue 2 - Page 4

The Bowen-based LDC project support team Land Management Support Coordinator - Rodger Walker - 0408 828 276 Senior Field Officer - Brendan Smith - 0417 408 587 Senior Field Officer - Adrienne Hall - 0428 158 859 Drop in for a cuppa at the team’s new office at 35 Don Street (near the Salt Works) in Bowen. You will always be welcome. Get involved! HERE is a lot happening and we T want every grazier in the BBB to get involved. A range of opportunities are available: q On-property extension activities, q Joining a cluster group, q Training - such as mapping and erosion control grader workshops. Graziers are signing up E are in the W process of finalising LDC contracts with properties to participate. Each property will carry out a project to help landholders reduce sediment run- off to the reef. Call any member of the LDC team to find out how to get involved. Members of the Landholders Driving Change Panel EMBERS of the LDC M panel are: Bob Harris, Agforce Member; Buster O’Loughlin, Exevale Station; Garlone Moulin, Mt Pleasant Station; Tom Murphy, Tabletop Station; Jessie Gooding, Mt Aberdeen Station; Bristow P4 | Grit Issue 2, June, 2018 Hughes, Strathalbyn Station; Jane Waterhouse, Principal Scientist; Christian Roth, Technical Science representative; Brigid Nelson, DAF representative; Andrew Willcox, Whitsunday Regional Council; Meghan Blackburn, Office of Great Barrier Reef; Scott Crawford, NQ Dry Tropics. The LDC project also benefits from collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), CSIRO, JCU, TropWATER and Glencore.