The Grit February 2019

ISSUE 9 – FEBRUARY, 2019 Inside The Grit this month l  International Gully Symposium l  Series of workshops target “grazing fundamentals” l  Suite of training packages for graziers l Search is on for suitable demonstration sites DAM, THAT WAS A LOT OF RAIN Review of 2018 rainfall GROUND TRUTH... Bobby Crossland, was able to capture video of the moment The Ponds dam on Glenroc Station succumbed to the force of rain from ex-Cyclone Penny. It was one of two dams they lost after the deluge. Busy year planned for LDC team has rolled the sleeves up and dived into T The HE 2019. LDC project will continue to work closely with landholders in the BBB to trial a range of regionally tailored, coordinated actions to help achieve land management practice change, produce economic benefits for landholders, and reduce sediment and nutrient loads... a win win for landholders, agricultural land, and the reef.