The Grit April 2020 | Page 2

Time extension for the LDC project HE Queensland Government T has granted the Landholders Driving Change (LDC) project more time. The new completion date is September 2021. This is great news because LDC has established solid foundations for further success. Unlocking the buried secrets in the soil PPER Broken U River landholders are working with soil experts to enhance soil health, increase pasture productivty, and improve livestock nutrition and economic bottom lines. ED POSTPON From little things, big things grow... WATHES of burnt-out rainforest at S Eungella is being tranformed thanks to the dedication of the Eungella Rainforest Recovery Cluster group. Seedlings, funded by the LDC project, are being planted to rehabilitate remnant rainforest destroyed in the 2018 bushfires. The Bowen-based LDC project support team Acting Project Manager Rod Kerr - 0488 943 326 [email protected] Land Management Support Coordinator Rodger Walker - 0408 828 276 [email protected] Senior Grazing Support Officer Adrienne Hall - 0428 158 859 [email protected] Senior Project Officer Cherry Emerick - 0456 015 772 [email protected] Grazing Team Leader Mick Shannon - 0456 554 710 Grazing Support Officer Sheridan Callcott - 0439 421 994 [email protected] [email protected] P2 | Grit Issue 19, April, 2020