The Green Wave Gazette Fall 2016 - Page 4

T HE G REEN W AVE G AZETTE P AGE 4 Saying Goodbye to AHS From the 1966 AHS yearbook. The memories will remain KerryCardinal‘20 Contributor “I made all my high school memories there.” Shannon Cardinal ’14 Abington High School has been standing for a long 52 years and is soon to be torn down and replaced by a bigger and more advanced school for the 2017-2018 school year. AHS students, former and present, seem to have mixed emotions about their beloved school being replaced. Shannon Cardinal who graduated in 2014 shared her opinion about the new school. The new school is by far not what she wanted. “I made all my high school memories there; the ones I will never forget,” said Cardinal. She also claimed that tearing the building down will be like “tearing away all my teenage years.” Current student Molly Donovan graduates in 2017. Not having the old building to remind her of all the good times seems a little too final for her. “I’m sad I won’t get the chance to attend the new school, but if I had a say, I would want the current school to stay. I want to be able to come back when I’m older and look back on all of our memories here,” said Donovan. It seems memories are a trend many are grieving over. Kerry Frye-Rodriguez who graduated in 1992 agreed that it was heartbreaking to see her memories torn down along with the building. However, she did think it was “about time for a new school.” The town clearly agreed with Rodriguez that a new school was necessary, voting overwhelmingly for it back in 2014. Looking upon it, it is clear that a bountiful amount of memories will forever stand where today’s high school does. As the new high school goes up, students past and present, should cherish their time left with the current Abington High School, and look forward to continuing the legacy of the Abington Green Wave at the brand-new school. The Jeff Coombs Memorial Foundation : Helping the Community for 15 Years Liberty Woods ‘20 Contributor Christie Coombs with the 2014 Jeff Coombs Memorial Scholarship recipients. (GWG) “When people do nice things for you, you do nice things back.” Christie Coombs After her husband Jeff Coombs was killed on Flight 11 during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Christie Coombs and her family needed support from their community. Now, the Jeffrey coombs memorial Foundation helps families who are faced with similarly difficult situations. After the tragedy, Mrs. Coombs and their three children, Matthew, Meaghan and Julia, wanted to help out other families in need. The Coombs felt like they had been given so much support that they wanted to give back the same kind of support and love to those in need. “When people do nice things for you, you do nice things back,” said Mrs. Coombs. The family started raising money for the foundation a few months after the tragedy, but they continue to be surprised that it continues. "We never thought it would last long and be as successful as it is today,” said Mrs. Coombs. Today, the Jeff Coombs Foundation assists families who are faced with deaths, sickness, and financial hardships. The foundation raises money by organizing big fundraising events, such as the wellknown Jeff Coombs Memorial Road Race, Walk and Family Day that takes place the second weekend of September in Abington, starting and finishing at the Woodsdale school where family fun activities occur throughout the day. The road race raises about $30,000 annually, and anyone can run, walk, or just hang out at the event. schools, as well as family and student grants. The foundation has raised more than $450,000 in grants and scholarships. The Jeffrey Coombs Memorial Foundation holds many other fundraising events annually, like Christmas tree sales, the Jeff Coombs Memorial Auction, holiday parties for military families, and the Memorial Day Candlelight Vigil. It also awards scholarships to seniors graduating from Abington High School and private The Jeff Coombs Memorial Foundation, P.O. Box 463, Abington, MA 02351 The Jeff Coombs Memorial Foundation has a great cause and the members of the organization make a huge impact on the community of Abington. Everyone who helps with the foundation is a volunteer and all the money is used to help the community. It is people like Mrs. Coombs who make a difference. Donations may be sent to: For more info visit: