The Green Wave Gazette Fall 2015

Major funding for the Green Wave Gazette provided through a generous grant from the AEF Like us on Facebook at T HE G REEN W AVE G AZET TE F ALL 2015 WWW.GREENWAVEGAZETTE.ORG Living Her Dream I NSIDE THIS ISSUE : Alyssa Johnson is a flyer for the University of Louisville Cardinals Division I Cheer Team pion for her all-star team, the Gymtyme all-stars. “Winning isn’t the whole picture; we focus on being humble and becoming a family,” said Johnson. Madison Contrino Staff Writer Alyssa Johnson is a talented young woman who is lucky enough to be living her dream of cheering for a Division I college program. Presently a junior at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, she cheered for one year while attending Abington High School (Class of 2013), focusing mainly on cheering with her allstar team. Now she is a flyer for the Cards cheer team, cheering at their ACC Division I football games and competing with her team in national collegiate cheerleading competitions. Recently we interviewed Johnson by phone, as she’s currently living in Kentucky. We asked her what it was like being part of such an amazing team. Johnson said being a member of such a high caliber team is exciting because it helps you push yourself, and encourages everyone to work hard to be the best they can be. The Cardinals practice five days a week during competition season and three days a week when it’s not. Alyssa Johnson cheering for the Louisville Cardinals (Photo courtesy of Heidi Johnson) When we asked her how long she has been cheering, Johnson said she started doing gymnastics as a child and then decided to start cheer at the age of 10. Her goal for her allstar and college team was to be on top. Johnson is a two time Collegiate National Champion with the Cardinals and a 2015 World Cham- Knowing that Alyssa went to AHS, we asked her how she balanced her time between school and cheerleading. “School always comes before cheer,” said Johnson. “If you don’t get good grades, you don’t cheer. It’s definitely a lot, but when school is over you go to practice and then get to be with your friends and family.” Since Johnson is an all-star cheerleader, she travels all over the country for big competitions. She has made many different relationships with both men and women from all over the U.S. For anyone out there that wishes to become like Johnson, she has the following advice. “School is number one. I learned that the hard way. Study and get good grades,” said Johnson. Everyone should follow their dreams; if you believe that you can’t do it, read Alyssa Johnson’s story. AHS students can go on to do pretty amazing things! U NSUNG H ERO : B RIAN D IVER (P AGE 2) T EACHER S POTLIGHT : M RS . H OWELL (P AGE 3) A LUMNI S PEAK (P AGE 4) C OLLEEN O’N EIL (P AGE 5) “C LUE ” P REVIEW (P AGE 6) M IKE H AZEN (P AGE 7) D ONALD T RUMP (P AGE 10) Follow us on Twitter @Gwavegazette