The Good Economist May 2016 - Page 12

The Latest on the Good Economy Challenge

Commerce Department Convenes Small Business Leaders

SBN participated in a meeting of small business leaders convened by the Commerce Department. The group will collectively evaluate ways to improve the small business climate in Philadelphia.

The Good Economy Challenge is SBN’s issue campaign developed to highlight the importance of a continued focus on the sustainable economy, with small business as a centerpiece. It is intended to engage Philadelphia’s sustainable business owners, employees, customers, and allies in support of a thriving local economy.


SBN Engages on Business Owner's Bill of Rights

SBN has begun discussion with City Council and relevant agencies on the development of a business owner's bill of rights. This would serve to encourage more constructive interactions between local business owners and the City. This articulated list of rights and responsibilities would standardize best practices to ensure consistency across all interactions.

Responses from City Hall offer promise that improving the business climate has been given high priority. Calls for a business owner bill of rights have found receptive ears among several Councilmembers who consider it a means of altering perceptions of the City as business unfriendly. Optimism can be found on the 2nd floor of City Hall as well. Facilitating interdepartmental coordination has been an early focus of the Kenney administration.