The Gate October 2018 - Page 10

BGGA PERFORMANCE TRAINING TIP: Performance Coach Justin Smith with The Shin Box Character Kick-Off! At BGGA, the focus isn’t only on golf. BGGA is driven to instill excellence in golf and character. We are committed to building young people who will stand out in contrast to their peers around the world. BGGA students are team members who are marked by the characteristics of a growing leader. Students experienced the Character Kick-Off on Labor Day, which launched the year’s first HABITUDES program, DiSC for Golf (Bobby Foster) and Goals and Inspirations. Discipline Bridges was the first HABITUDES topic this year. Students played some fun ice- breaking games before diving into how to build their own personal bridge of discipline. They learned four phases of how we build habits and worked in teams to show them how each person’s discipline played a role in the success of the group. Students were taken through their own profile via the Mental Golf Workshop developed by Bobby Foster, and spent time developing their personal goals and aspirations. The students even got a chance to watch a real film crew filming this fabulous event! 9 BGGA GOLF PUTTING DRILL: Senior Golf Coach David Louys-Moroney holes three putts at different speeds 10