The Gate May 2019 - Page 4

NINE REASONS TO CHOOSE BGGA FOR SUMMER CAMP 1. The Golf Training. BGGA has a strong team of golf coaches with over 100 years of aggregate experience who encourage an individualized approach to golf development, with extensive use of cutting-edge technology and performance training to enhance the coaching experience. 2. The Campus. The BGGA campus has the most beautiful and unique golf training facility in the golf academy industry – built for high performance training, with an extensive 50,000 sq. ft. range, with three putting greens, two chipping/bunker greens, four hitting areas and plenty of opportunities for short game approaches. Although equipped with a 7,000-yard golf course – nine holes with two different tee options on each hole and double greens to match the tee option – these golf holes are exclusive to the golf academy and therefore can be used for training rather than exclusively for play. We are the only academy course where Juniors take precedence over other golfers, enabling a flexibility to golf training and allowing students to have more autonomy in their training program. 3. Performance Training. Physical performance specialists work together with the BGGA coaches to improve the physical abilities of players and develop prevention plans. Personalized training programs are created for each player, adapted to their biological and developmental age. Additionally, BGGA provides all the services our athletes need in order to reach their maximum performance: nutrition, massage and medical care. Come to BGGA this summer and we will push you to achieve your top performance. 4 THE GATE | MAY 2019 4. The Summer Language Program. BGGA Summer English Program offers practical and engaging classes by native teachers. Elementary to advanced levels of classes are offered. Class groups are organized by level and age. 5. Campers’ Care and Wellbeing. At BGGA, our whole team takes care of your children and makes them feel at home. Secure campus: We offer a safe, secure and peaceful setting. The Academy is located within a gated facility with 24-hour supervision. Supervisory staff 24/7: Our supervisors take care of the players 24 hours a day and are responsible for the safety and welfare of campers. 6. The International Environment. BGGA welcomes and trains campers from many different nationalities, and from all five continents. In our Summer Camp, your children will join an exceptional multicultural environment, making friends from all over the world. 7. The Younger Campers. BGGA Summer Camp allows golfers 10-12 to also enjoy the summer by combining golf training and fun leisure and entertainment activities. We provide all of this, along the care and monitoring that a child 10-12 years of age needs.