The Gate June 2018 - Page 4

BGGA Collaborative Coaching System BGGA’s collaborative coaching model is unique in the world of junior golf. The coaches are led by a high-profile Advisory Board of distinguished research professors in the science of human learning, kinesiology and motor learning, psychology and human performance, and experts in golf biodynamics. In just five short years, BGGA is proud to have built this foremost golf coaching team in junior golf, with the results of our students evidencing the quality of instruction and development. Our analysis shows that THE GATE | 4 we had twice the number of wins over our nearest rival and four times the number of wins over our third-place rival academy. We see in the structure of the golf program to main elements, one obviously being the Coaching and Instruction of students, but also very importantly we recognize the importance of many areas of the golf program that require professional Management and Organization.